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Knowledge · Rob Austin

How neurodiverse talent can help your business

May 2, 2017


Companies have begun seeking out neurodiverse talent – people who have conditions such as autism, dyspraxia, dyslexia, ADHD, and social anxiety. Many people with these conditions have higher-than-average abilities, yet can struggle to find jobs because they may not fit the profiles prospective employers are looking for.

In an article for Harvard Business Review, Ivey professor Rob Austin says companies should adjust their recruitment, selection, and career development policies to reflect a broader definition of talent.

“Most managers are familiar with the advantages organizations can gain from diversity in the backgrounds, disciplinary training, gender, culture, and other individual qualities of employees,” says Austin. “Benefits from neurodiversity are similar but more direct. Because neurodiverse people are wired differently from ‘neurotypical’ people, they may bring new perspectives to a company’s efforts to create or recognize value.”

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