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Ivey tops Bloomberg Businessweek’s international MBA rankings

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  • Nov 11, 2014
Ivey tops Bloomberg Businessweek’s international MBA rankings

Photo by MBA 2015 Candidate Shashank Chadha

Bloomberg Businessweek has named the Ivey Business School at Western University the top-ranked international full-time MBA program. Ivey topped the list of 27 international schools (located outside the U.S.) based on criteria from three distinct categories. Each school was ranked on a survey of student satisfaction (45 per cent), a survey of employers (45 per cent), and faculty research in esteemed journals (10 per cent). There were several changes made to the methodology this year that placed greater emphasis on the school culture from the student perspective and employer satisfaction with MBA graduates from a third-party, non-alumni perspective.

In particular, Ivey ranked first overall in the employer satisfaction category. This category identifies just how well a school prepares its students to enter the business world. It also asked employers what qualities they are looking for with MBA graduates and which schools’ graduates best deliver on those qualities.

“We are pleased to see our emphasis on student and employer satisfaction rewarded through our placement in this ranking,” said Robert Kennedy, Dean, Ivey Business School. “While the various rankings differ as to what they measure, Ivey has focused its attention on creating strong programs that produce exceptional graduates, regardless of where that lands us in the rankings. However, because this ranking methodology aligns with what we consider to be important – quality programs that satisfy student and employer needs, we were pleased to place high in this particular ranking. This is a coup for the School because it reaffirms that we are fulfilling our goals. We will continue to focus our attention on innovation and improvements to programs.”

The Bloomberg Businessweek ranking is further recognition of the success of the MBA program, which already boasts Canada’s top job placement rate and highest salaries three years after graduation according to the Financial Times.   


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