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Going for gold with an Ivey MBA: Profile of Jesse Gamble, MBA '15

Aug 22, 2014

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Like many Ivey MBA candidates, Jesse Gamble’s career narrative into the program included a goal-oriented career, strong teamwork skills and a strong grasp on work-life balance.

Gamble has realized each of these accomplishments in his own unique way.

In the last decade, many of Gamble’s goals have been directed at lacrosse nets around the world. His efforts this summer, along with those of his teammates, resulted in a gold medal win at the 2014 World Lacrosse Championship for Team Canada.

As for work-life balance? Lacrosse, of course, is only one aspect of Gamble’s life. He’s also become a successful analyst at Donville Kent Asset Management in Toronto. His boss and mentor, Jason Donville, who completed his Ivey MBA in 1992, encouraged Gamble to follow suit and take a leave-of-absence from the firm to complete his MBA in 2014.

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A few months into his MBA, Gamble has found that the program gives him a chance to practice his skills in a low-risk environment.

“At work I analyze a company every day; each one is a case in itself,” Gamble said. “Ivey’s case-method helps me get that framework down here and learn that process.”

Being here with a position to return to at Donville Kent also has its perks, says Gamble. “I’m here to learn, there’s not as much stress and competition around recruiting for jobs and getting top grades.”

The stress comes in other forms, however, when you’re among Canada’s top lacrosse players. Taking two weeks off of Ivey’s highly-intensive and compressed one-year program this summer meant the pressure to perform didn’t stop for Gamble after Canada’s big win. Although his professors accommodated by moving his exams, it still left Gamble flying home from the tournament in Colorado with limited time to prepare for his summer exams.

Was that a challenge? Sure, he says. But balancing work and play is something Gamble has always managed.

Before moving to London, he worked full-time while travelling Canada and the U.S. as an active member of the Toronto Rock, one of the most popular teams in the National Lacrosse League.

“From day one you just get used to balancing work and lacrosse, it’s never a question of which one –you just do both. You do it more for the love of the game,” Gamble said. “Everyone has second jobs. Monday to Friday I’m at my desk working a lot, and then games are on weekends.”

Now, on a sabbatical from both work and play, he’s already found ways to keep himself just as busy. He’s joined the Ivey MBA hockey team to keep a competitive sport integrated into his schedule. He’s also started a small investment business with his roommates: Harriston Capital, which is named after the condominium the four MBA students share in London. All of this on top of demanding full-time study required for his MBA.

Though perhaps not on the same stage as the World Championships, when Gamble completes his MBA it will be just as rewarding for his professional career.

Congratulations on to Jesse and his fellow teammates on their victory at the 2014 World Lacrosse Championship!

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