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Ivey faculty weigh in on the state of cryptoeconomics

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  • Mar 7, 2018
Ivey faculty weigh in on the state of cryptoeconomics

Ivey faculty take a look at the state of FinTech and cryptoeconomics in the latest edition of the Ivey Business Journal. This special issue is in partnership with the Ivey Business School’s Scotiabank Digital Banking Lab and Crypto Capitalism Centre and features articles from Michael King, Jean-Philippe Vergne, and Chuck Grace.

Preparing Canada for the FinTech Tsunami
According to Michael King, our financial sector is navigating monster waves of disruption as it fights to remain a global industry leader. He questions why no one in Ottawa is at the helm setting a strategic course and suggests other nations are doing a much better job helping the financial sector navigate these disruptive waves. 

Disrupting the IPO
Jean-Philippe Vergne examines the potential of initial coin offerings or IPOs. Despite some high-profile scams, he says initial coin offerings represent a promising new digital avenue for fundraising for ventures that understand cryptoeconomics.

Robo-advisors to Humans: We Come in Peace
Chuck Grace, and co-author Romina Maurino, look at the looming invasion of robo-advisors and offer a glimpse of the future of digital advice. They suggest the financial sector would be better served if all concerned saw FinTech applications as enablers instead of industry Terminators.


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