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In it to win it: The 2018 MBA Case Competition

Jun 28, 2018

MBA Case Competition 2018 Winners

The winning students from left to right: Taylor Whitehouse, David Humphrey, Bosco Tong, Elizabeth Philp, Joshua Beattie, and Sean Creighton

Just three months into the program, Ivey MBA students faced their first case competition – and they proved they were ready for the challenge.

The eighth annual MBA Case Competition took place from June 26-28, with judge representatives from Restaurant Brands International, Boston Consulting Group, RBC, and Hilti. Students were tasked with providing recommendations on three real-life business dilemmas:

  • Planning how to launch Eco7: a new, environmentally friendly motor oil;
  • Assessing the impact of companies’ humanitarian programs, in particular Danby’s private settlement of Syrian refugees; and
  • Advising the CEO of CompuSoluciones on the disintermediation issues the company faces.

The annual competition challenges students to identify the important issues in each case; analyze the situation; and develop detailed, creative, and effective recommendations – all in just a few hours.

Students learn that in the real world, they will sometimes need to make decisions quickly or with limited information. The case competition is just one way the MBA Program prepares students to be competent and confident in difficult situations.

In the first three rounds of the MBA Case Competition, students presented to a panel of judges made up of faculty, staff, alumni, and firm representatives. After the third round, four teams advanced to the finals, and presented to a panel of senior executives from Restaurant Brands International, Boston Consulting Group, RBC, and Hilti.

Students also had the chance to join firm representatives in a networking cocktail reception, where they could learn more about the firms and explore potential career opportunities.

Despite the time constraints and high-pressure environment of the MBA Case Competition, students impressed the judges with their innovative ideas and presentation skills.


Team 1 – Elizabeth Philp, Sean Creighton, Bosco Tong, David Humphrey, Joshua Beattie, and Taylor Whitehouse


Team 4 – Lin Watt, Quynh Vu, Ashley Jangkamolkulchai, Kevin McWhinnie, Poorna Murthy, and Eduardo Garcia Hubner

Team 19 – Anthony Fanelli, Rob Russell, Taiwo Ishmail, Rodrigo Varallo, and Snow Wang

Team 11 – Abhay Chawla, Brooke Mikalachki, Manbir Pabla, Harry Li, Asad Ahmed, and Aditya Sharma

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