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News@Ivey · Ivan Langrish

Personal and professional growth in times of crisis

Jul 24, 2020

Martha Webinar Image

The COVID-19 crisis has stretched leaders to constantly face the unknown. This extended period of heightened stress and need to control can take its toll.

“One of the unconscious, non-rational reactions to uncertainty is controlling what you can,” said Martha Maznevski, Faculty Director, Ivey Academy. “If you can control the behaviour of the people in front of you toward specific, apparently solid objectives, it gives you the illusion of control – at least in the moment … understand and accept that part of that drive to control is coming from a sense of uncertainty.”

In an interactive Ivey Academy webinar, Maznevski and senior executive coaches Sharon Duguid and Rob McNamara discussed why the pandemic has been so challenging for leaders of people. They explored unconscious responses, neurodynamics, and the impact of those on our behaviour and energy.

Importantly, the most successful firms, have been able to view the current crisis as a period of growth and investment.

“For those organizations really on the front edge they are investing in leadership development, they are investing in training and innovation, where other people are really dialing back and hunkering in on core operations,” said McNamara. “Let’s find creative ways to invest in our people as that’s where we can actually turn this crisis into a tremendous opportunity.”