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Ivey students win summer internship for sustainable packaging idea

Feb 4, 2021

Team Beep Boop

Team Beep Boop (L-R) Lucy Cheng, Evelyn Zheng, Connie Yao, and Kenneth Wong.

Four Ivey students have won a paid summer internship at Perennial | DCM’s Toronto studio where they will get a chance to bring their sustainable packaging idea to life.

Lucy Cheng, Kenneth Wong, Connie Yao, and Evelyn Zheng, all HBA ’22 candidates, from Team Beep Boop, won the inaugural Perennial | DCM Strategy to Success Challenge. For the challenge, the students were asked to develop a packaging solution and present their go-to-market strategy before a panel of judges made up of Perennial | DCM executives. Perennial | DCM is a marketing communications provider for some of the world’s biggest brands. Beginning in May, the four students will work as part of Perennial | DCM’s management consulting group for a four-month internship.

The challenge was offered exclusively to Ivey HBA and MSc students who were invited to register teams of two to four people. The challenge’s first round began on October 1, 2020 and four finalist teams were selected at the end of November. The finalist teams then pitched to the executive judging panel in late January. Judges said Team Beep Boop’s environment-focused packaging solution had potential for growth in a variety of industries.

Applying skills to a real-world problem

Lucy Cheng was the lead on Team Beep Boop. She said the team members enjoyed the chance to research an industry and make a strategic recommendation as well as to practise their presentation and communications skills.

“We loved the experience because, not only was the problem vague and challenging as it often is in real-life situations, but also because we were able to research an industry we're passionate about (environmentally friendly bioplastics),” she said. “Everyone at Perennial | DCM provided great guidance throughout and we'd highly recommend that future Ivey students participate to enrich their Ivey experience!"

Knowing that student internship opportunities were plummeting due to COVID-19, Perennial | DCM sought to fill that gap by offering an internship, and created the challenge to encourage students to think about solutions to real-world problems. Perennial | DCM approached Ivey to participate because of the calibre of its students. The competition enabled the students to apply what they’ve learned in class and act as consultants for a tier-one brand.

Insights from top executives

Kevin Lund, Perennial | DCM’s Chief Brand Officer, led the challenge and said it gave the students a chance to think strategically and apply that strategy in a corporate environment, all while networking with industry leaders.

“I love the fact that the Strategy to Success Challenge gives students a voice. It encourages them to think and share their ideas while giving them an opportunity to see the idea through to completion,” he said.

Perennial | DCM said it’s hoping to offer the challenge again next year.