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Introducing Ivey’s Class of 2024 Forté Fellow recipients

Apr 19, 2023

Forte Fellows

Front (l-r): Areeba Aziz, Claire Wang, Chandana Hiran, Mani Mehrotra; back (l-r): Genggeng Deng, Alexandra MacKinnon, Cassidy Richards, Olivia Petric.

Whether they’ve been activists, champions for gender equality, or just great role models, Ivey’s Class of 2024 Forté Fellow recipients are an inspiration to women considering careers in business or any other pursuit. The annual awards recognize students who exhibit exemplary leadership, represent diverse backgrounds, and have a demonstrated track record and commitment to advancing women in business. Meet this year’s recipients and learn what the honour means to them.

Areeba Aziz

Areeba Aziz“I’m thrilled to be part of a community that is dedicated to championing and supporting women in business. I have always been passionate about ensuring women have representation at all levels and in all industries. Throughout my time at Ivey and my career, I aspire to find ways to challenge the barriers women face in their professional lives and to promote their advancement.”

Genggeng Deng

Genggeng Deng“Being named a Forté Fellow is an incredible honour. It represents a recognition of my hard work and dedication to my academic and professional goals, and gives me the confidence and support to continue pursuing them. I am thrilled to be part of a community of like-minded women who are driven to succeed and share my commitment to promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion in the world of business. As a Forté Fellow, I look forward to having access to the resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities that will help me achieve my goals and become a leader in my field.”

Chandana Hiran

Chandan Hiran“Since 2018, I have been working as a campaigner and activist to mobilize social change in India. I ran multiple campaigns addressing gender roles, objectification of women in mass media, and colourism. I'm excited to be a Forté Fellow as I hope to contribute to my mission of creating a meaningful impact on gender equality through this network. My ultimate aim, both personally and professionally, is to create a more inclusive space for women worldwide and enable them to be future leaders.”

Alexandra MacKinnon

Alexandra MacKinnon“I am super excited to be a Forté Fellow with the mission of helping other women strive for success in their careers. It is incredible to be part of this network with so many amazing individuals who have paved the road ahead, and to also help those who will come after.”

Mani Mehrotra

Mani Mehrotra“Being a Forté Fellow is not only an opportunity to meet bold and ambitious women from across the world who are driven to make the world a better place, but also a responsibility to set an example by leading change. By being a part of the Forté community, I want to work hard and inspire women to break conventional barriers, dream big, and help each other grow in the process. Additionally, I hope to work with other community members to build more inclusive and equitable work environments for women from different sections of society.” 

Olivia Petric

Olivia Petric“Being a Forté Fellow has provided me with an opportunity to encourage other women from non-traditional backgrounds to consider pursuing a career in business. I take pride in my background as a health care worker and I hope to inspire others to explore the possibilities that an MBA can unlock. I look forward to connecting with current and future peers to work together to create a more equitable and inclusive society.”

Cassidy Richards

Cassidy Richards“I’m excited to be an Ivey Forté Fellow and join such a strong and inspiring network, committed to empowering women in business. As a woman heading into a leadership position post-MBA, I believe that this community will help me to embrace all the opportunities that come along with that and have a big impact on my confidence as a professional woman.”

Claire Wang

Claire Wang“Being a Forté Fellow means joining a community of talented women who are committed to empowering each other in their careers. I'm excited to collaborate with others who share my passion for improving women's opportunities and success in the workplace. Together, we can make a meaningful impact and advance women's development.”

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