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Ivey's MBA Association welcomes Jonathan Soriano as new president

Jun 23, 2023

The Ivey MBA Association’s goal for 2024 is all about building relationships and developing together as a class says Jonathan Soriano, the newest president of the association. Elected this year by Ivey MBA community members, he shares a little about himself and why he is excited to represent his classmates.

The Ivey MBA Association (MBAA) is a student-led group at Ivey with a mission to represent the MBA class and voice its needs. For Soriano, being part of the MBAA means fostering a sense of community among his peers and creating a positive environment for future MBA students.

“I’m most excited about the opportunities, experiences, and memories that I will be able to share with my classmates throughout the year,” he said. “I’ve already built relationships that I know will last a lifetime with many amazing people in my cohort, and I hope to continue to do so over the next nine months.”

The importance of resilience

Soriano said he wants to lead the Class of 2024 by setting a positive example, especially when the school year gets tough. He explains that setbacks are just further motivation to keep working towards your goals. As an avid tennis player looking to play for Western’s varsity team this September, he knows the importance of maintaining a resilient mindset, recalling the setbacks he experienced during his previous years playing tennis at Western.

“I didn’t make the team my first time trying out, but succeeded the following year and would go on to win a national title with the team and finish my tenure at Western as team captain,” said Soriano. “This experience truly demonstrated to me that if you let failure deter you from trying again, you’re selling yourself short.”

What's next

After finishing his MBA, Soriano plans to work in equity research as preparation for a transition into portfolio management. He said he hopes this will help him continue to contribute to causes he’s passionate about. One cause is the On the Rise Tennis Foundation, a non-profit organization he co-founded that financially supports junior Canadian tennis players aspiring to become professional athletes. Soriano says this is just one of many charitable initiatives he seeks to be involved in as an active contributor to the community.

To hear more from Soriano about the MBAA for 2024 check out the video above.

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