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Ivey Publishing receives award for operations research contributions

Jun 7, 2024

Violetta Gallagher (centre) and Alejandro Garcia (right) receiving the Omond Solandt Award at the Canadian Operational Research Society Conference banquet.

Violetta Gallagher (centre) and Alejandro Garcia (right) receiving the Omond Solandt Award at the Canadian Operational Research Society Conference banquet.

At a ceremony this week in London, Ont., Ivey Publishing received the prestigious Omond Solandt Award from the Canadian Operational Research Society for advancing operational research in business education through its expansive body of case studies.

The award, which recognizes contributions to operational research in Canada, was presented to Ivey Publishing’s Violetta Gallagher, Associate Director of Product and Publishing, and Alejandro Garcia, Business Development Manager, at the annual Canadian Operational Research Society (CORS) Conference banquet. At the ceremony, CORS Conference Chair Fredrik Ødegaard, a management science professor at Ivey, acknowledged Ivey Publishing’s profound impact on university curriculums. Ivey Publishing is one of the few (possibly the only) case publishers in the world with a designated management science stream of cases.

“Ivey Publishing has been instrumental in providing specific management science teaching materials and its work has been enormously helpful in promoting management science and operations research as a field in Canada and around the world,” said Ødegaard. “We’re seeing more and more cases being used in engineering, mathematics, and social science. It would be exciting to see Ivey Publishing continue to promote the use of management science teaching materials in operations research, statistics, and other STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields.”

Broadening the scope of management science through cases

Gallagher said Ivey Publishing already has more than 350 learning materials in the management science category and is committed to expanding this collection further.  

"At Ivey Publishing, we strive to advance business education and research across diverse fields, one of them being management science,” she said. “For over a century, we have been raising the standards of learning materials that shape the leaders of today and tomorrow. Receiving this award is a great honour for us.”

Ivey’s case method in action

At the event, Ivey Publishing delivered a Case Teaching Master Class featuring Ivey faculty Kyle Maclean, HBA ’12, PhD ’17; and Scott Loveland, MBA ’17. The interactive session demonstrated how using cases can enhance both teaching and learning experiences. Participants were exposed to a three-step learning process to boost student engagement and understanding, and developed hands-on skills to create a case-based teaching strategy tailored to their educational goals and personal teaching style.

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