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Distributed IT Championing: a Process Theory

Professor Yasser Rahrovani and his team contribute to existing literature on IT championing behaviour. They review its distributed nature, its evolution through cycles of distinct stages and how it’s shaped by different dimensions of social capital. In addition, they create a process model of distributed IT championing in the context of an IT implementation. 

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Audio Mining: The Role of Vocal Tone in Persuasion

Professor Shane Wang and his team of researchers examine how vocal tones impact persuasion success. They examine three vocal tone dimensions and suggest that there is a superior role for audio mining in academic consumer research.

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November 23, 2021


AOM Presentations and Participation

Antonacopoulou, E. A., Spirituality, Entrepreneurship and Social Change.  Participant

Antonacopoulou, E. A., Bringing back the Manager into Management: The Role of Reflexivity in Leadership Practice.  Organizer

Antonacopoulou, E. A., Intuition in Organizations: New Applications of Intuition Research.  Participant

Antonacopoulou, E. A., Intuiting Afresh: Activating ‘CORE Intelligence'.  

Antonacopoulou, E. A.; Bento, R. F., Rethinking Entrepreneurial Leadership for Compassionate Change.

Antonacopoulou, E. A.; Branzei, O., Toward the Humanistic Manager and Transformative Management & Organizing: Editors Panel & Let's Go!.  Facilitator

Antonacopoulou, E. A.; Nizamidou, C.; Mavromati, M.; Vouzas, F., The Role of Reflexivity in Bringing the Manager back into Management and Leadership Practice.

Arjalies, D-L., Is Sustainability a Journey or a Destination and Why It Matters for Theory and Practice. Distinguished Speaker

Arjalies, D-L., Decolonizing Meanings of Nature: Indigenous Perspectives on the Anthropocene and Gaia.  Organizer

Austin, R. D., Case Discussion with Award-Winning Case Author, Rob Austin, Professor at Ivey Business School.

Banerjee, B.; Arjalies, D-L., Decolonizing Organization Theory in the Age of the Anthropocene and Gaia.

Bansal, P., Managing for the Distant Future: A Research Agenda for the Fight Against Climate Change. Discussant

Choudhary, A.; Najjar, N.; Klassen, R. D., Implications of Temporal Orientation for Sustainability Risk.

Costales, E.; Zeyen, A.; Branzei, O., The Spatial Dimension of Social Entrepreneurship: Manifesting the Imaginary during COVID19.