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2021-01, January 5, 2021

Special Mention

Mansur Khamitov (PhD Grad '18), Professors Shane Wang and Matt Thomson have been announced as the co-winners of the CBSIG Consumer Research in Practice Award for their paper, "How Well Do Consumer-Brand Relationships Drive Customer Brand Loyalty? Generalizations from a Meta-Analysis of Brand Relationship Elasticities," Journal of Consumer Research, 46(3). This award recognizes rigorous scholarly research that contributes significantly to marketing practice. Congratulations to all!

Published Refereed Articles

Austin, L., Kovacs, D., Thorne, S., Moody, J.R.K., 2020, Using grounded theory and mental modeling to understand influences on electricians’ safety decisions: Toward an integrated theory of why electricians work energized, Safety Science, October, 130. Article ID 104826

Dunbar, C.G., Li, Z.F., Shi, Y.N., 2020, CEO Risk-Taking Incentives and Corporate Social Responsibility, Journal of Corporate Finance, October, 64. Article ID 101714  

Hannouf, M.B., Zaric, G.S., Blanchette, P., Brezden-Masley, C., Paulden, M., McCabe, C., Raphael, J., Brackstone, M., 2020, Cost-effectiveness analysis of multigene expression profiling assays to guide adjuvant therapy decisions in women with invasive early-stage breast cancer, Pharmacogenomics Journal,  20 (1): 27-46.