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Research Highlights

Measuring the Integration of Social and Environmental Missions in Hybrid Organizations

Professor Simon Parker and his coauthors introduce a new measure of social and environmental mission integration (SEMI). With this new measure they advance the present knowledge of hybrid organizations and the balance between their economic objectives and SEMI. 

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Re-accessing mental health care after age 18: A longitudinal cohort study of youth involved with community-based child and youth mental health agencies in Ontario

Professor Greg Zaric and his team of researchers find that there is a need for collaboration between Child and Youth Mental Health (CYMH) agencies and family physicians, particularly for youth requiring ongoing care into adulthood.

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Recent Faculty Publications

December, 2022

Published and Forthcoming Featured Articles

Athanassakos, G., 2022, When it comes to corporate governance, one size does not fit all, Globe and Mail.

Dai, L.; Eden, L.; Beamish, P. W., 2022, The timing and mode of foreign exit from conflict zones: A behavioral perspective,, Journal of International Business Studies.

Pauwels, K.  Sud, B. Fisher, R. Antia, K., 2022, Should You Change Your Ad Messaging or Execution? It Depends on Brand Age. Applied Marketing Analytics

Branzei, O., 2023, Organizational goals, firm outcomes and the assessment of performance: Reconceptualizing success in management studies, Journal of Management Studies.

Elahi, H.; Pun, H.; Ghamat, S., 2023, The Impact of Capacity Information on Supplier Encroachment, Omega-International Journal of Management Science.

Kristofferson, K.; Dunn, L., 2023, The Brand That Wasn't There: The Impact of Brand Displacement on Marketing Outcomes, Journal of The Academy of Marketing Science.

Mohan, G.; Seijts, G. H.; Miller, R., 2023, Does Leader Character Have a Gender?, Journal of Business Ethics.

Lazzarini, S. L.; George, G.; Fewer, T. J.; McGahan, A. M.; Puranam, P., 2023, Partnering for Grand Challenges: A Review of Organizational Design Considerations in Public-Private Collaborations, Journal of Management.

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