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Be the change

Jury Gualandris’ research helps organizations achieve sustainability.

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Carpool matchmaking

Bissan Ghaddar’s research could make carpooling enjoyable.

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2018-15, April 23, 2018

Conference Presentations and Speeches

Branzei, O., Gamble, E., Moroz, P. W., Parker, S.C., (November, 2017), B Corps and Beyond, 14th Social Enterprise Conference, Boston, MA. JBV Special Issue Symposium

Goode, M.R., Iwasa-Madge, D., (November, 2017), The Numbing Effect of Mortality Salience, College of Business and Economics, University of Guelph, Guelph, ON. Invited speaker

Hsieh, Y. (PhD Candidate), Vergne, J-P., (December, 2017), The Rise of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations: An Exploratory Study of Task Coordination within Cryptocurrencies, Israel Strategy Conference, Haifa, Israel.

Kashef, R.F., Niranjan, A., (December, 2017), Handling Large-Scale Data using Two-Tier Hierarchical Super-Peer P2P Network, BDIOT 2017, London, UK.

Munoz, P., Branzei, O., (November, 2017), Biophysical Identification in Eco-centric Enterprises, 14th Social Enterprise Conference, Boston, MA.

Naoum-Sawaya, J., (November, 2017), Cognitive Analytics and the Internet-of-Things, Manulife Toronto, Toronto, ON. Invited speaker

Naranjo, F. (PhD Candidate), Menor, L.J., Johnson, P.F., (November, 2017), Lean Supply Management: Linking the Lean Approach to Managementwith Supply Responsibilities and Challenges, DSI Annual Meeting, Washington.