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CEO Risk-Taking Incentives and Corporate Social Responsibility

Ivey professors Craig Dunbar, Frank Li and Yaqi Shi find that as corporate social responsibility status improves in firms, firms adjust CEO compensation contracts to increase risk-taking incentives.

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Cost-effectiveness analysis of multigene expression profiling assays to guide adjuvant therapy decisions in women with invasive early-stage breast cancer

A group of researchers, including Ivey’s Greg Zaric, examine the cost-effectiveness of incorporating multigene expression profiling assays into standard practice. They find that gene expression profiling testing is clinically and financially attractive by using any of these assays in their latest publication.

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2021-05, March 2, 2021

Forthcoming Refereed Articles

Kalyal, H., Grabarski, M. (PhD Candidate), 2021, "A Change Would Do You Good”: How HR Practices Can Promote Change‐championing Behaviour in Police Organizations, Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences. 

Li, C., Reuer, J.R., 2021, The Impact of Corruption on Market Reactions to International Strategic Alliances, Journal of International Business Studies.  

Okuyan, H.M., Dogan, S., Terzi, Y.T., Begen, M.A., Turgut, F. H., 2021, Association of Serum lncRNA H19 Expression with Inflammatory and Oxidative Stress Markers and Routine Biochemical Parameters in Chronic Kidney Disease, Clinical and Experimental Nephrology.  

Pun, H., Swaminathan, J.M., Hou, P., 2021, Blockchain Adoption for Combating Deceptive Counterfeits, Production and Operations Management.  

Schotter, A., 2021, Resilient or Not: Boundary-Spanning in Innovation Focused MNEs During Global Crises, Critical Perspectives on International Business