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Ivey is a world leader in practical international management research and the development of innovative learning materials.

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Research Highlights

Measuring the Integration of Social and Environmental Missions in Hybrid Organizations

Professor Simon Parker and his coauthors introduce a new measure of social and environmental mission integration (SEMI). With this new measure they advance the present knowledge of hybrid organizations and the balance between their economic objectives and SEMI. 

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Re-accessing mental health care after age 18: A longitudinal cohort study of youth involved with community-based child and youth mental health agencies in Ontario

Professor Greg Zaric and his team of researchers find that there is a need for collaboration between Child and Youth Mental Health (CYMH) agencies and family physicians, particularly for youth requiring ongoing care into adulthood.

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September, 2022

Published and Forthcoming Featured Articles

Published and Forthcoming Featured Articles

Chintapalli, P. C.; Tang, C. S., 2022, "Crop Minimum Support Price versus Cost Subsidy: Farmer and Consumer Welfare, Production and Operations Management,

Foster, J. F., 2022, "How Rating Mechanisms Shape User Search, Quality Inference and Engagement in Online Platforms: Experimental Evidence, Journal of Business Research,  142 (): 791-807.

Guo, L.; Huo, K.; Libby, T., 2022, Cooperate or Compete? The Impact of Vertical Wage Dispersion on Employees’ Behavior in Tournaments, Management Accounting Research.

Seijts, G. H., 2022, The Short-Sightedness of Sticking with the Interesting Research Advocacy, Journal of Management Inquiry.

Zhang, Z. Z., 2021, The Power of a Nickname – When Judiciously Employed, Harvard Business Review,