Podcast: Neurodiversity in the workplace — Building towards inclusion

As our shared recognition of neurodiversity continues to expand, progressive organizations around the world are finding new ways of being inclusive. From hiring processes to wellness programs, it is becoming increasingly clear that supporting neurodiversity at work has a transformative impact on organizations.

In this episode...

We're joined by Jose Velasco, Business Process Intelligence Program Director and Autism at Work Ambassador, SAP; Erin Huner, Director, Culture & Inclusion, Ivey Business School; and Professor Rob Austin, Ivey Business School, to discuss neurodiversity in the workplace. Drawing on contemporary research and examples, our panel examines pioneering workplace programs, the competitive advantage of inclusion, and changing ideals of leadership through a more inclusive lens.

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Content Time Stamps:

0:00 - Introduction
4:30 - What do we mean by "neurodiversity"?
8:10 - Jose gives a brief explanation of the origins and function of programs at SAP
11:30 - Neurotypicality creating a narrow scope of how we define "talent"
16:03 - How training to accommodate neurodiversity can positively impact how we manage within an organization 
20:15 - How to build inclusive workplaces for neurodiverse individuals
27:30 - Learning to include neurodiversity helps to create better leaders
31:41 - Challenge ourselves to redefine and broaden how we define what it means to be a leader 
35:08 - The larger effects of neurodiversity programs and how to sustain them
41:25 - Creating environments and systems where we support and value all individuals
45:26 - Closing remarks

Additional Resources:

Neurodiversity Hub - Resources for Employers
SAP - Autism at Work Program
Harvard Business Review - Neurodiversity as a Competitive Advantage

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Rob  Austin

Rob Austin


Mazi Raz

Mazi Raz


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