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The Future of Agri-food: Canada’s Leadership Opportunity

Join us for a complimentary livestream presented in partnership with the Centre for Building Sustainable Value and the Institute for Sustainable Finance where our panelists will explore the large-scale opportunity for Canada to be a leader in agri-food. This session will cover facets such as sustainability, technological innovation, and competition within a global market.


Complimentary event.

Future Of Agri Foods Livestream

In this session:

Recent global shifts have brought into focus the fundamental importance of the agri-food system for governments, consumers, and businesses across the global economy. In addition, the production and consumption of food are increasingly seen as central to key societal challenges, including reducing GHG emissions, protecting biodiversity and natural systems, and addressing poverty and food insecurity. Canada has historically been a key innovator in agri-food and continues today to be a leading food producer and innovator with the potential to shape the future of the industry.

In this livestream event developed in partnership with the Centre for Building Sustainable Value at Ivey Business School and the Institute for Sustainable Finance, our panelists will explore the large-scale opportunity for Canada to be a leader in agri-food, examining facets such as sustainability, technological innovation, and competing within a global market. For this discussion moderated by Bryan Benjamin, Executive Director of The Ivey Academy, we’re joined by guests: Scott Ross, Executive Director, Canadian Federation of Agriculture; Alison Sunstrum,Founder & CEO, CNSRV-X & General Partner, The51; and Tyler McCann, Managing Director, Canadian Agri-Food Policy Institute. Together, our panellists will unpack Canada’s position in the global agri-food market, identify key opportunities – and challenges – facing Canadian agri-businesses, and explore how Canada can be a leader in the future of agri-food.


Future of Agri-food Event Series

The Future of Agri-food Event Series will convene key Canadian thought leaders to explore Canada’s role in the future of the agri-food system, and the key opportunities and challenges facing the sector. The series will be delivered through a collaboration between the Centre for Building Sustainable Value (BSV Centre), Ivey Academy, and the Institute for Sustainable Finance. The goal of the series is to build awareness in the key networks of the partners (executive leaders in business and finance) of key opportunities and challenges in agri-food for Canada, especially the critical issues associated with the transition of the sector towards net-zero.


Scott Ross
Scott Ross

Executive Director, Canadian Federation of Agriculture

After serving as CFA's Assistant Executive Director since 2018, Scott Ross was promoted to the Executive Director position in 2022. Prior to that Scott served as CFA's Director of BRM and Farm Policy for six years, where he covered a wide variety of agricultural issues.

Scott's policy work has given him a unique insight on how to develop and implement policy, while balancing a diversity of stakeholder interests.

Scott has extensive experience in collaborating across the agri-food sector to achieve ambitious goals, most recently including co-founding the Agriculture Carbon Alliance, a coalition of 15 national farm associations advocating on behalf of farmers with regard to carbon pricing and environmental policies.

Prior to his role at the CFA, Scott worked with the Economic Developers Council of Ontario and the University of Waterloo researching how municipal and regional governments can raise the profile of agriculture as an economic development priority.

Alison Sunstrum
Alison Sunstrum


Alison is CEO of CNSRV-X Inc. (Conserve X), a Canadian company researching and applying emerging technology in agriculture. She is the Managing Partner of The51’s $50M Food & AgTech Fund investing in diverse founders transforming food and agriculture, and an AgTech Venture Partner at Builders VC, a San Francisco/Calgary venture capital fund helping founders modernize antiquated industries with $500 AUM. Alison is a Fellow and Founding partner in the Ag Stream of the Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) Rockies. She serves as a Director of Ontario Genomics and a Steering committee member of the Biological Engineering Council of Canada. She is an advisor to the Arrel Institute, University of Guelph’s Feeding the Future Pan Canadian strategy, and a member of the Council of Canadian Academies/Conseil des académies canadiennes, Technologies for Food Security Panel. Alison is a judge and mentor to the Weston Family Foundation Homegrown Innovation Challenge, a six-year challenge aiming to build the resilience of Canada’s food system. Formerly as CEO/Co-Founder of GrowSafe Systems Ltd., she grew their research and development skunkworks from an Alberta garage to global operations receiving international recognition for science-based innovation. She holds patents for innovative technology and has published and presented widely. Alison is passionate about advancing women in STEM and, in 2021 was recognized as one of Canada’s most influential agricultural leaders.

Tyler McCann
Tyler McCann

Managing Director, Canadian Agri-Food Policy Institute

Tyler McCann is the Managing Director of the Canadian Agri-Food Policy Institute. He spent almost a decade working in government advising Ministers, serving the Agriculture and Agri-Food minister for most of that time. He has also worked as a consultant for farm groups, industry associations, and small and large agri-food businesses, advising on government relations, policy, and association management. Tyler operates a beef and goat farm with his wife and kids in Western Quebec.

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