Leadership Character Insight Assessment

What is the LCIA?

The Leadership Character Insight Assessment is the product of a creative and dynamic partnership between experts in leadership at the Ivey Business School and experts in assessment at SIGMA. It is designed to measure leadership character and provide leaders and potential leaders with practical insight regarding:

  • What leader character is and why it is essential for building strong leaders and organizations
  • Key dimensions of character, their corresponding elements, and how they interact to influence leadership effectiveness
  • Character strengths
  • Information on how leaders can grow and develop on each character dimension

Best For:

  • Equipping leaders and organizations with a deeper understanding of character and the language to discuss leader character in a meaningful way
  • Providing a platform to initiate learning and development around leader character
  • Identifying and addressing problems that stall careers and contaminate working relationships
  • Augmenting a competence-based leadership assessment process with a unique, powerful predictor of leadership performance

Character Matters

Watch Dr. Gerard Seijts, Executive Director of the Ian O. Ihnatowycz Institute for Leadership at the Richard Ivey School of Business, as he discusses:

  • Why leadership character matters
  • The importance of measuring leadership character
  • What is the LCIA
  • How you can use the LCIA to develop better leaders

Why Should I Use the Leadership Character Insight Assessment?

Organizations need people at all levels who are ready, willing and able to perform at their best and inspire excellence in others. Those who do this well possess the competencies, commitment, and character to be effective leaders.

Competencies and commitment are important; however, character plays a critical role in determining leadership behavior. Character determines how leaders see and interpret things and how they will react in different situations; the criteria they use to make decisions and how those decisions are implemented. As a result, character has significant impact on both leadership effectiveness and organizational performance.

The LCIA is:

  • Based on research from a multi-disciplinary group of researchers at the Ivey Business School capturing the latest thinking about good leadership
  • Available in self-report and 360 versions (LCIA – Self and LCIA-360)
  • LCIA-360 includes specific developmental comments provided by your raters
  • Both reports provide practical, actionable resources designed to enhance your understanding of the character dimensions and elements and assist with character development