Accelerate Leadership Program with Protein Industries Canada

Created in collaboration by Protein Industries Canada and The Ivey Academy, this program helps to develop critical leadership skills and talent for entrepreneurs and SMEs in Canada’s plant-based food, feed and ingredients sector.

Protein Industries Canada Leadership Program

Program Overview

The Accelerate Leadership Program, created in collaboration by Protein Industries Canada and The Ivey Academy, is designed to give entrepreneurs and SMEs in Canada’s plant-based food, feed and ingredients sector the skills and talent they need to succeed. The eight-month course will take place both online and in person, allowing for timely delivery of material and networking opportunities.

By focusing on knowledge upgrades in areas often seen as overlooked in education offered to the plant-based food and ingredients sector, the Accelerate program will enable SMEs to more easily and more quickly grow their businesses and market footprint, strengthening Canada’s plant-based foods and ingredients sector. Participants leave the program with the leadership skills needed to lead people, drive change, and effectively position their organizations for success.

Who Should Attend?

This program is available to Canadian businesses that are members of Protein Industries Canada and those that are a part of Canada’s agri-food ecosystem.

Attendees are entrepreneurs and executives in Canada's plant-based food, feed, and ingredients sector seeking a tailored, intensive leadership development experience to help their organizations scale and grow.

What You Learn

Participants walk away with:

  • Personal and team leadership skills such as communication, negotiation, talent development, and performance management
  • Essential business acumen, including financial fundamentals, financial forecasting, and capital structuring
  • Key understanding information systems, data collection and interpretation, and IP ownership
  • The ability to gain buy-in and drive change on an organizational change
  • A practical action plan to apply learning from the program directly to an identified organizational challenge and/or opportunity

Module 1: Leadership - Culture, Strategy, and Communications

  • Personal Leadership Transformation: Finding better ways to lead
  • Collaboration & Negotiation: Ground rules for balancing collaboration and negotiation

Module 2: Underpinnings - Talent and Performance Development

  • Collaboration & Negotiation: Creating and Claiming Value in Negotiation
  • Leadership: Building Real Commitment in People

Module 3: Underpinnings - Teams and Finance

  • Financial Fundamentals for Growing Companies
  • Financial Forecasting and Credit Decisions
  • Capital Structure Decisions

Module 4: Underpinnings - Teams, Information Systems, & Intellectual Property

  • Information Systems: Competing in the connecting world
  • Leadership: Teaming in real-time
  • Information Systems: Data as the differentiator
  • IP Ownership and Collaborative Models

Module 5: Leadership - Driving Change

  • Building an Effective Plan for Change
  • Operations Tune-Ups that Impact Quality and Performance
  • Executing Supply Chain Re-Engineering Strategies
  • Increasing the Odds of Success through Sequence and Timing
  • What Change Leaders Actually Do and Why It Matters

How You Learn

Academy programs are deeply experiential, grounded in case research, and facilitated by expert faculty from Ivey Business School. Our real-world Case Method of Learning is not about textbooks and lectures – it’s about learning by doing. You’ll identify specific, practical learning takeaways through deep discussion and simulations, and finish the program with new skills, crowdsourced wisdom, and insights you can immediately apply when you return work.

Self-paced Learning Activities

Prepare for live sessions using pre-recorded videos, readings, and case-studies – delivered at a flexible pace through our Canvas learning management system. Discuss ideas with your peers via a private forum and complete guided self-reflection exercises to help apply key takeaways in your own role.

Live Faculty-led Sessions

Join live sessions featuring expert Ivey faculty using any computer or mobile device. With the help of a live technical director, we facilitate active, real-time participation of all participants.

Peer Learning Sessions

Virtual learning technology allows faculty to assign instant breakout groups during a larger session. Share experiences, exchange ideas, and collaborate to solve challenges together with your fellow participants.


Individual assessment tools enable deeper self-awareness, encouraging participants to reflect on their learning journey throughout the program. Apply valuable new personal discoveries to your constantly evolving identity as a leader.

Action Learning Project

Each participant works on a personalized project where they directly apply their learning takeaways within the context of their organization. Participants identify a problem and/or opportunity in their organization and build an action plan on how they can enact change. Peers, coaches, and faculty are all able to deliver objective feedback and support throughout the process. Following the program, coaching and other sustainment tools help you take measurable steps towards solving your challenge.

Executive Coaching

With diverse backgrounds across private sector, government, and nonprofit organizations, our coaches deliver firsthand insights on modern leadership challenges. Through our certification program, Ivey Coaches master our unique experiential learning approaches and stay connected with leading-edge business trends and frameworks. During the program, your coach becomes a confidential thinking and sparring partner, sharing and challenging your ideas. They help you navigate “in the moment” challenges, illuminate blind spots, and accelerate decision-making.

Simulations & Roleplay

Simulations teach the application of concepts in critical decision-making moments, requiring participants to apply leadership skills and navigate team dynamics – just like in real life. You’ll play out complex scenarios on accelerated timelines, choosing to follow or ignore new data, information, and advice. Following the simulation, faculty debrief the ideas and concepts involved in the simulation, working in concert with other leaders to find actionable takeaways for your organization.


Return on Investment


Upon completion of the Accelerate Leadership Program, you’ll receive a unique digital credential and certificate from Ivey Business School. Your digital badge connects to a unique URL, allowing you to showcase your commitment to professional development on social media and personal profiles.


Program participants form lifelong connections with classmates. As an alumnus of the Ivey Academy, you’ll join a network of more than 10,000 savvy professionals from across all industries and sectors. This powerful alumni network is a long-term resource for participants to share business opportunities or seek advice on life and career challenges.


At The Ivey Academy, you’ll explore new perspectives while taking time for mindfulness, reflection, and practice away from the stress of work. Return to your role with an open mind and increased confidence, ready to tackle the problems that were holding you back.

Alumni Benefits

All alumni of The Ivey Academy receive a 25-per-cent discount towards select executive development programs. For further details on alumni discounts, visit Stay connected with the Academy through social media and email to enjoy exclusive thought leadership content, learning events, and opportunities to network with your fellow Ivey Academy alumni.

The Learning Environment

Program Management

Logistical details, such as program materials and Zoom management, are taken care of by the Program Manager – a high-level concierge who ensures that the learning experience is distraction-free.

The Virtual Classroom

We design and deliver virtual and hybrid programs through highly interactive live sessions, virtual breakout rooms for small peer-learning groups, online simulations, and self-paced learning journeys.

Self-paced Reflection

Prepare for live sessions using pre-recorded videos, readings, and case studies – delivered at a flexible pace through our learning management system. Discuss ideas with your peers via a private forum and complete guided self-reflection to help apply key takeaways in your own role.

Program Faculty

David Loree

David Loree


Mary Gillett

Mary Gillett


Eric Janssen

Eric Janssen


David Wood

David Wood


Warren Ritchie

Warren Ritchie



Bassem Awad

Professor, Western Faculty of Law

Bassem Awad

Dr. Bassem Awad is an Assistant Professor and Director of the Area of Concentration in Intellectual Property, Information and Technology at the Faculty of Law. He is also a Head Tutor and Professor at the Academy of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in Geneva. Prior to joining Western, Bassem was the Deputy Director of Intellectual Property Law and Innovation at the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) and served for several years as a Judge and Head of Court at the Appeal Courts of Egypt and Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates.

Dr. Awad has remarkable experience in intellectual property law, technology, and innovation policies. He is a member of the inaugural IDRC’s College of Reviewers on Technology and Innovation - Networked Economies program and was recently nominated as a member of the African Union Taskforce on intellectual property rights.

His primary research interests are in the area of governance of intellectual property rights in the data-driven economy, with a focus on the impact of disruptive technologies (e.g. artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data) on intellectual property and privacy norms. He also studies the legal frameworks of open and collaborative mechanisms innovation (patent pledges), intellectual property in preferential trade agreements, and the management of intellectual property rights (IP strategy and commercialization).

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