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The Ivey Academy partners with LEDC

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  • Oct 2, 2017
The Ivey Academy partners with LEDC

Wayne Ray via Wikimedia Commons

The London Economic Development Corporation (LEDC) and The Ivey Academy have established a partnership to build leadership talent in London, Ontario.

The London Free Press spoke with Kapil Lakhotia, LEDC's chief executive.

"We know workforce development is the No. 1 problem for employers and tech, food processing and other sectors all have concerns about talent development, attraction and retention," said Lakhotia.

“There is an existing gap in leadership and management talent at London companies. Ivey has serious expertise in leadership talent and we hope this helps London companies grow its talent base.”

Together, The Ivey Academy and LEDC have launched one-day workshops to align what Ivey teaches with what skills businesses need on the job. The first workshop is a one-day program for entrepreneurs about how to cope with the fast pace of change, especially in the tech sector. Co-taught by Ivey professor Andreas Schotter and industry expert Paul Kinsinger, this workshop takes place at the Spencer Leadership Centre on October 11, 2017. Click here for more information.


The Ivey Academy is ranked as one of the top Executive Education providers globally by Financial Times. The Open-Enrolment portfolio comprises 19 programs focused on core leadership, business acumen, and industry-specific skills. Open programs are typically three days to three weeks in length, and are held at both our Toronto and London campuses. Our Custom Academy business unit works with corporations, governments, and other NGOs and non-profits to design and execute development and training programs tailored to the client’s specific needs. Custom Academy programs are typically multi-cohort, multi-year endeavours, supporting executive, HR and L&D objectives, and run either at our Toronto and London campuses or globally based on client preference. All Ivey Academy programs are deeply experiential in nature, concentrating as much on behaviour change as knowledge transfer.


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