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Elena Antonacopoulou
Oct 19, 2021

New Ivey faculty: Elena Antonacopoulou

Elena Antonacopoulou is a new Professor of Organizational Behaviour and Strategy. She has expertise in strategic change, organizational learning and resilience, and crisis management. Learn more about her background and interests.
Eric Janssen
Oct 5, 2021

Immersive challenges for students earn Eric Janssen the HBA teaching award

Get to know Eric Janssen, the winner of this year’s David G. Burgoyne Teaching Award for outstanding impact as an HBA2 instructor.
Daniel Andrews
Sep 2, 2021

New Ivey faculty: Daniel Andrews

After going to school abroad, Daniel Andrews realized he wanted to study international businesses and people more deeply – and the rest is history. Andrews is a new Assistant Professor of International Business at Ivey.
Prashant Rajaram
Aug 23, 2021

New Ivey faculty: Prashant Rajaram

Prashant Rajaram brings with him marketing expertise, industry experience in marketing and sales, and a love of board games.
Christian Dippel
Aug 19, 2021

New Ivey faculty: Christian Dippel

Christian Dippel is an avid traveller with a wide range of interests, as proven by his extensive list of book and podcast recommendations.
Jason Nguyen
Aug 16, 2021

New Ivey faculty: Jason Nguyen

Learn how Jason Nguyen hopes to contribute to the movement toward a global circular and sustainable economy.
Ivey audio banner
Aug 12, 2021

Neurodiversity at work

Rob Austin speaks with BBC Business Daily about how organizations are accommodating neurodiverse individuals.
Daniel Clark
Aug 9, 2021

New Ivey faculty: Daniel Clark

Daniel Clark, a new assistant professor of Entrepreneurship at Ivey, has a diverse background. Read about his many career paths and unique experiences.
Joshua Foster
Aug 5, 2021

New Ivey faculty: Joshua Foster

Joshua Foster has been teaching different versions of his economics courses for years and is excited to bring them to Ivey.
George Malikov
Jul 29, 2021

New Ivey faculty: George Malikov

Meet George Malikov, a former fundamental equity investor focusing on the energy industry, who joins Ivey as an assistant professor of Finance.