Jan 13, 2017

George Athanassakos | The real reason the bond bear market is here to stay

In a piece for the Globe and Mail, Ivey finance professor George Athanassaskos says the end of the bull market in bonds has nothing do with Donald Trump’s election but more to do with demographics.
Jan 5, 2017

Gerard Seijts | Learning from failure and hardships

In a podcast for CBC's Ontario Today, Ivey's Gerard Seijts explains the importance of hearing stories of failure and having compassion for others.
Jan 4, 2017

Tima Bansal | CEOs should focus on long term, study says

Ivey research finds companies which focus on long-term goals are more likely to foster innovation and improve market value.
Jan 3, 2017

Welcome to 2017: What lies ahead for the Canadian economy?

While 2016 was a year full of surprises, 2017 promises even more fireworks. Canadian media look to Ivey professors to break down big economic issues for the year ahead.
Jan 3, 2017

Martha Maznevski | Making the team

Professor Martha Maznevski's research looks at how to ignite team-like behaviour in non-traditional lateral groups.
Dec 31, 2016

In the Media | December

Here are December's highlights of Ivey faculty sharing their expertise with the media. Check our News & Events website for the latest Ivey news, videos, and blogs.
Dec 22, 2016

Gerard Seijts | The importance of leadership character

For the last year, leadership character has been front and centre in the news cycle, thanks in large part to the campaign leading up to the United States presidential election.
Dec 22, 2016

Mitchell Stein | Ottawa urged to step up fight against tax cheats

Reports are suggesting Canada needs to step up its game to root out tax cheats as global concern about tax non-compliance is on the rise.
Dec 21, 2016

Ning Su | How China partnership helps Indochino offer men’s custom suits faster

In the uber-competitive made-to-measure online clothing industry, companies are often looking towards new and emerging technologies to give them an edge.
Dec 19, 2016

Ivey’s top social media stories of 2016

What were the biggest Ivey stories of 2016? We took a look back at what got the most traction on social media – likes, shares, comments, replies, and retweets – and narrowed it down to a top five list.