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Ivey Behavioural Research Lab

  • Behavioural Lab

Since its opening in 2006, researchers at the Ivey Business School have conducted experiment and survey-based studies. Over 50 peer-reviewed publications on a diverse range of business and consumer topics have resulted from the use of lab-based resources. While the infrastructure for the lab was obtained through a Canadian Foundation for Innovation grant, as of 2014 the lab is operationally supported by a generous donation from

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Important areas investigated by researchers who use the Ivey lab:

  • Brand, Product, & Crisis Management    
  • Consumer Processing, Goals & Influence 
  • New Products & Consumer Learning    
  • Experiential Consumption
  • Socially Conscious Consumption   
  • Accounting Regimes in Financial Markets

Our lab facilities provide researchers with access to 30 touchscreen computers, a galvanic skin response system, an eye tracking hardware/software suite, eye in the sky video recording equipment, video projector and portable data collection capabilities.  

Stimuli development, study programming, and data collection, along with other researcher needs are supported by a fulltime Research Officer. 

Please contact us if you have questions concerning the Behavioural Research Lab.

Faculty Director of Ivey Research Lab: Professor Allison Johnson 

Research Officer: Dr. Karen Hussey (