Ivey International Centre for Health Innovation

Providing real world experience to students through practicum placements

  • May 2, 2019

Through the Health Practicum course offered at Western University (Health Sciences 4995F) students are given the opportunity to participate in practica in different areas including ageing and independence, bioethics, health promotion in rural and urban areas, and more. The Ivey International Centre for Health Innovation participates in these practicum placements to allow students to learn more about their mission of value-based healthcare management and innovation.

Katie Shillington is one of three practicum student working as a Student Research Analyst at Ivey Health. She just completing her fourth year of a Bachelor of Health Sciences with an Honours Specialization in Health Promotion. Read her practicum placement testimonial below.

"This academic year I have had the opportunity to work at the Ivey International Centre for Health Innovation as a Student Research Analyst. My role has been to collaborate with the centre manager and one of the research associates on blog posts addressing challenges, issues or gaps that require innovative solutions in the healthcare system.

In my time working at Ivey’s International Centre for Health Innovation, I have worked on four blog posts. The first blog post I wrote focused on using motivational interviewing as an intervention for smoking cessation, while my second blog post examined acts of kindness as an intervention for the mental health and wellbeing of healthcare professionals. I also had the opportunity to interview Dr. Tara Mantler for my third blog post, which investigated the changing dichotomy of women who have experienced intimate partner violence in rural environments and their access to healthcare. Lastly, in my fourth blog post I analyzed the rise of chronic disease globally, while specifically noting the direct and indirect costs to the healthcare system and the effectiveness of country frameworks in mitigating these costs.

Overall, my experience at the Ivey International Centre for Health Innovation has been incredibly positive. Through writing four blog posts over the course of the academic year, I have bettered my research skills, as well as gained knowledge on how to properly conduct literature searches using Western’s library database, as well as facilitate interviews. Additionally, the staff at Ivey Health have been incredibly kind, welcoming, and supportive during my time at the centre. They offered continual feedback and guidance, which aided in my success writing the blog posts. I have also appreciated the freedom that the staff has given me in choosing the topics for my blog posts. Additionally, they have challenged me in a number of ways, which has fostered an immense amount of personal growth. I will also be able to utilize the skills that I have gained at the graduate level, when I pursue my Masters this upcoming fall. Overall, my practicum experience has been incredibly rewarding and I cannot think of a better organization to have worked with than the Ivey International Centre for Health Innovation."

Ivey Health looks forward to engaging future students in the Centre to conduct meaningful research in the areas of value-based healthcare.

Check out videos by our other practicum students:

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