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Welcome to 2017: What lies ahead for the Canadian economy?

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  • Jan 3, 2017
Welcome to 2017: What lies ahead for the Canadian economy?

Ivey Economist and Assistant Professor Isaac Holloway was asked a simple question by Yahoo Finance Canada: What’s the one economic policy that you would like to see Canada implement or change in 2017 and why? 

Holloway would like to see a renewed push for Canada to negotiate a trade pact with India. He feels the current relationship is under-performing its potential. 

"Canada’s exports to India in 2015 were only about 75% of the predicted level. While other countries fare worse, India’s massive size means the 'missing trade' in dollar terms (about one billion USD) is the sixth largest among the 170 trade partners, behind only large European countries — with which Canada has recently signed a comprehensive trade deal — and Russia. With the European deal in the books, let 2017 be the year of Canada and India."

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And, with Donald Trump's swearing in fast approaching, Ivey's Assistant Professor Mike Moffatt was asked by CBC to speculate on what this could mean for Canada, especially if Trump follows through with his promise to rip up NAFTA.

"Although it hasn't happened yet — and we'll hope that it doesn't happen — it would dwarf any sort of other economic policy we've seen for quite some time. We don't know what the landscape would look like after that."