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How Ivey's Toronto campus extends the School's reach

  • The Globe and Mail
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  • Nov 10, 2017
How Ivey's Toronto campus extends the School's reach

The Tangerine Leadership Centre, home of the School's EMBA program and various Executive Education offerings, is a key component enabling Ivey to attract top student talent. Located in the Exchange Tower in the heart of Toronto's Financial District, Tangerine is an accessible, full-service education facility.

In a piece on branch campuses in The Globe and Mail, Ivey's J.D. Clarke explains the value of the downtown locale. 

"It is the epicentre of business activity, but also a convenient location for the approximately 15 per cent of our students from outside of Toronto," said J.D. Clarke, Executive Director, Masters Programs, Recruitment and Admissions. "We have people from cities like Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal and Ottawa who come in for the program, and there's more accommodations available for them. It also offers an opportunity for us to get speakers in [and hold alumni events] as well."