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Erin Cheney | Food labelling pressures come to light

  • The Western Producer
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  • Mar 10, 2017
Erin Cheney | Food labelling pressures come to light

An ongoing legal case against a tomato processor related to product labelling has raised concerns about the complexity of Canada’s labelling system.

Thomas Canning (Maidstone) Ltd. is facing charges from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency concerning alleged misrepresentation of the organic status and country of origin of its canned tomato products. A preliminary hearing begins May 31 to determine if enough evidence exists for a trial to proceed.

Erin Cheney, a research associate for Agri-Food@Ivey, tells The Western Producer, as food labelling becomes more complicated, so do the policing requirements. She says a third phase of modernization of federal food labelling regulations might address this issue.

“Maybe under the new food modernization act, maybe there’s explanation for this, and maybe there’s additional resources,” she says.