MBA Students sweat out 400 hours of community service

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  • Jul 23, 2013

Consider the power of nearly 130 pairs of able hands and sharp minds contributing around 400 hours of service work to tackle challenges that face the local community.

The MBA class of 2014 embarked to execute this mission recently through Ivey Impact Day.

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Split across Reforest London, Unity Project, Mission Services, Habitat for Humanity, and the Food Bank of London, these students put balance sheets and SWOT analyses aside for one day to plant trees, sort food donations, contribute to the building of a storage facility, clean, and paint among other tasks.

With the thermostat on this Monday in July reading 32 degrees, with a humidex making it feel like 44, these students were forced to dig deep to get the job done. Instead of complaining about the heat, they embraced it, one student, Rich Hilsden, tweeting “Now I know what sweat equity means.”

“Everyone was enthusiastic about contributing their time to the non-profit sector,” said Cory Tanaka, MBA student and organizer of Ivey Impact Day. “Even the extreme heat and humidity couldn’t dampen the excitement of the day.  We have another Ivey Impact Day planned for March and people are already asking about how they can get involved.”