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Ivey hits the sweet spot with recruiters

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  • Apr 24, 2015
Ivey hits the sweet spot with recruiters

Bloomberg Businessweek recently released compelling data and insight from a deep dive survey the publication did with 1,320 recruiters from more than 600 companies around the world who regularly recruit MBA students as a part of their role. The survey revealed a gap in the skills and attributes employers want most, but are hard to find in an MBA graduate. The most prized attributes included strategic thinking, creative problem solving, leadership skills and communications skills.

The report showed that Ivey’s MBA graduates ranked first in leadership skills, strategic thinking, collaboration and communications skills – among the most-wanted and hardest-to-find skills sought after by recruiters.

Ivey also placed in the top three globally across the dimensions of motivation / drive, analytical thinking and quantitative skills.

“One of the most important things we do at Ivey is listen to prospective employers and recruiters,” said Sharon Irwin-Foulon, Ivey’s Executive Director, Career Management and Corporate Recruiting. “Understanding their needs and the needs of the marketplace ensures we prepare our students to transition into the next phase of their career and stand out as top in-demand candidates with the most desired employers in North America and beyond.”

This recognition from recruiters builds on Ivey being named the top international full-time MBA program by Bloomberg Businessweek late last year. Ivey topped the list of 27 international schools (located outside the U.S.) based on criteria from three distinct categories, including a survey of student satisfaction, a survey of employers, and faculty research in esteemed journals. In particular, Ivey ranked first overall in the employer satisfaction category which identifies just how well a school prepares its students to enter the business world.

The Bloomberg Businessweek Recruiter Survey is another example of the strength of Ivey’s MBA program and graduates. Ivey already lays claim to Canada’s top job placement rate and highest salaries three years after graduation according to the Financial Times.