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Ivey goes international with new research institute

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  • Dec 5, 2016
Ivey goes international with new research institute

Ivey has launched the new International Business Institute to strengthen its visibility in the increasingly important field of international business.  

The International Business Institute (IBI) is a merger of two previous Ivey research groups: the Asian Management Institute, which focused on business in Asia; and, the Centre for Engaging Emerging Markets (EEM), which covered how to engage emerging markets. A single institute focused more broadly on international business helps the School to expand its scope and reach. Ivey’s International Business faculty department is already consistently ranked among the top 10 globally.

It will be headed by Professor Paul Beamish, who is a global leader in the discipline of international business.

“The merger creates a stronger, higher-impact institute with a more inclusive international business mandate. It also provides better support for the School’s international business research and outreach activities,” said Ivey Dean Bob Kennedy. “The International Business Institute presents a unified brand and will serve as a focal point for teaching initiatives, outreach, sponsored research, and philanthropy related to international business topics.”

In addition to increasing research on international business topics, the IBI will oversee the 39 Country Initiative, which was previously part of EEM, case writing training contracts with schools in other countries, and organize international business research conferences and workshops.