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How are cryptoasset regulations changing accounting and finance?

Nov 15, 2018

Alan Wunsche, blockchain and cryptoassets event

Alan Wunsche

Blockchain and cryptoassets are not just creating hype in the market. They’re also generating a new asset class that has the potential to transform every industry, especially accounting and finance.

How will these new assets change the investing landscape? And how can we protect investors?

Thought leaders, experts, and industry representatives shared insights on the current regulatory environment and what lies ahead, at a half-day conference in Toronto on November 15 called Blockchain and cryptoassets: Regulatory and tax issues. It included a presentation from Alan Wunsche, MBA '91, to CPAs and finance professionals on how blockchain and cryptoassets are changing accounting and investing. Wunsche is CEO and Chief Token Officer of TokenFunder, a regulatory-compliant blockchain venture funding platform, and Chair and Co-Founder of the not-for-profit organization Blockchain Canada. There were also panel discussions on blockchain, securities, and tax compliance and collection.

Wunsche discussed the key issues and challenges for investors and those working in the space. He stressed the importance of keeping on top of the rapidly changing environment.

“It’s critical that the finance professional of today actually understands where the space is going, and to make sure that we’re at the leadership end of this,” he said. “This is a new financial infrastructure that’s being developed and we need to understand how we’re going to play within it.”  

The event was presented in partnership with CPA Ontario and co-organized by the CPA Ontario Centre for Accounting and the Public Interest, the Scotiabank Digital Banking Lab, and Western Law.

Listen to an interview with Alan Wunsche.

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