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HBA1s take on the BCG Case Competition

Nov 1, 2019

BCG Competition Webbannerjpg

BCG Case Competition first place winning team

HBA1 students paused from their classes to apply what they've learned so far in the Program during the 24th Annual Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Case Competition.

The first of six events in the Learning Through Action (LTA) course, BCG challenges students to analyze and present three cases in just three days. Each case is chosen by an Ivey faculty member.

During the kickoff presentation, Mary Weil, Faculty Director of the HBA Program, said that the competition prepares students for their careers by increasing uncertainty and ambiguity in real-world scenarios. With a limited amount of time, students must analyze each case, put together their presentations, and present in front of a panellist of judges.

Approaching the competition

Matt Page, HBA '13, Principal of BCG Toronto, gave students tips on how to successfully approach the competition:

1. Start with the answer first, make it really clear on what you're trying to say, and support further as needed;
2. Share facts to support your claims;
3. If relevant to the context, outline your alternatives;
4. Prioritize the most critical issues;
5. Divide up your work pragmatically; and,
6. Give yourself time to rehearse, and involve everyone in the presentation.

Welcoming BCG judges

BCG representatives help as judges for the competition. This year, 9 of the 11 representatives were HBA alumni:

  • Katherine Tang, HBA '19
  • Mikaela Ferguson, HBA '18
  • John Weinstein, HBA '18
  • Sam Tammen, HBA '18
  • Vedant Suri, HBA '18
  • Ryan Stasiuk, HBA '18
  • Sean Chen, HBA '19
  • Sara Raza, HBA '19
  • Matt Page, HBA '13
  • James Gott
  • Diana Jechel

The winning teams

First Place: Team 31 – Emma Coelho, JP Martin, Adam Miller, Ashley Romundt, Judson Stanton, Bhapushon Thayalan, Justin Verdon, and Katy Wang

Second Place: Team 41 – Arieh Abrahami, Elijah Dietrich, Kevin Dong, Derek Enns, Sharnpreet Gill, Jess Hu, Malena Thushanthan, and Victoria Wallace 

Third Place: 64 – Eric Bromley, Sonya Chen, Vera Cheng, Alvin Ho, Sam Kahn, Alex Landy, Alan Shriqui, and Megha Vohra