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Ivey Design Project: HBAs learn a new way of problem-solving

Mar 11, 2019

Ivey design project_cropped.jpg

Not every business challenge comes in a complete package, as Ivey HBA students found out last week.

The students took part in a week-long design thinking project that brought them face-to-face with clients looking to solve real-world problems. 

In this audio interview, Ivey Associate Professor Nicole Haggerty walks us through the Ivey Design Project, a week-long intensive and fact-paced experience. It’s a challenging week, as HBA students Tyler Weatherill and Katie Zanatta discover when dealing with real clients.

But the students learned the key skills of shifting, adapting, and pivoting creatively to reach a solution. It wasn't easy, but the experience took the students into a whole new realm of experiential learning.