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Rob Austin makes a case for Ivey’s Case-Method Learning

Apr 30, 2019

Rob Austin - case-teaching article

Professor Rob Austin

Paul Mayne, Western News

For Professor Rob Austin, a business case isn’t just an example, it’s a discussion-maker.

In his classes, he says it’s not unusual for 40 or more students to voice their thoughts on a case. And that’s when the real learning happens.  

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“It’s analogous to a play. A script doesn’t realize its full purpose until enacted on the stage. A case doesn’t realize its full purpose until discussed in the classroom,” he said.

Austin spoke with Western News about the inductive nature of Ivey’s Case-Method Learning. The article is part of a series highlighting teaching excellence at Western as the university prepares to host the Times Higher Education (THE) Teaching Excellence Summit, June 4-6.