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Welcome back MBA Direct students

Jul 10, 2019

MBA Directs

MBA Direct Class of 2020

We are excited to welcome back HBA graduates returning to Ivey Business School for the MBA Direct for HBA Graduates Program. Students arrived on Monday, July 8 to get started and spend the rest of the week getting introduced to the Program. It was a great opportunity for classmates to either become reacquainted or meet each other for the first time, and get a sense of what to expect over the next eight months.

Quick facts about our MBA Direct Class of 2020:

Class size

Average age

Top five industry backgrounds
Real estate/property

Other industries include: education, entertainment, information technology, printing/publishing/media, and telecommunications/communications.

What students can expect from Ivey’s MBA Direct

Eight-month program
Incredible value and return on investment in an eight-month program that gets you back in the workforce quickly.

Career Management
Integrated Career Management and recruiting activities built into the program.

International opportunities
International learning opportunities like the elective Study Trip to China or South America.

Diverse classmates
A new and diverse group of classmates from around the globe.