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MBA Direct for Ivey HBA Graduates

The MBA Direct for Ivey HBA Graduates starts in July. As a recent Ivey HBA graduate, expand your career options by earning an MBA degree in only eight months, without having to write the GMAT.

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What to Expect from Ivey's MBA Direct 

Eight Month Program

Incredible value and return on investment in an eight-month program that gets you back into the workforce quickly.

International Opportunities

International learning opportunities like the elective Study Trip and LEADER Project.

Career Management

Integrated Career Management and recruiting activities built into the program.

Diverse Classmates

A new and diverse group of classmates from around the globe.

MBA Direct Online Resources

Podcast Series

Learn more about the MBA Direct Program from those who have lived it themselves. Check out our MBA Direct Podcast Series to understand why fellow HBA grads returned, how the partnership with Career Management varies from your HBA days and overall reasons you should consider Ivey for your MBA.

On-Demand Info Sessions

Tune into our on-demand information sessions to understand the eight-month program, partnership with Career Management and admissions timelines.

Insider's Guide

Your HBA degree can put you on the fast track to a full Ivey MBA in just eight short months. Read the Insider's Guide to learn more. 

Admission Requirements

Candidates applying to the MBA Direct for Ivey HBA Graduates Program must also meet the admissions criteria outlined for our MBA Program with the exception of the GMAT.  Please also note the following information:

  • Work experience requirement is a minimum two years professional work experience after HBA completion (summer internship experience not applicable)
  • Online application includes:
    • Uploaded resume
    • Two professional references (online form within application)
    • Transcripts (we will obtain on your behalf)
    • Application fee is waived
  • Admission interview will occur after submission of the completed application

Upon submission of the completed application, within a few business days applicants will be notified to schedule their admission interview.  Applicants can expect to receive an offer decision within one to two weeks after the admission interview. 

Leave of Absence (LOA) Program

The LOA program is designed to assist you in student’s employment leave request and likewise help with the return to the organization upon completion of the program.  It is important to note, that participation in this program in no way precludes student’s from any of Career Management's programming, one on one coaching, and/or on-campus recruiting activities.  For more information on the program including required documentation and the $10,000 credit incentive, please click here.

AMBA vs. Direct

  MBA Direct for HBA Graduates Accelerated MBA for Business Graduates (AMBA)
 GMAT Requirement GMAT score not required. GMAT score not required.
Previous Education Requirement Completed Honours Business Administration (HBA) from the Ivey Business School. Completed undergraduate degree (from any University) in business.
Work Experience 2 to 10 years, full-time, post University degree. 2 to 10 years, full-time, post University degree.
Program Length and structure


8 months, with July start.

While you work, blended online and in-class format

12 months, with January start.
Location London, Ontario. One week residential session in London, Ontario, one 3-day module per month in Toronto (Friday to Sunday).
Curriculum Core courses curriculum, plus opportunity to choose electives. Set core course curriculum only.
Career Support

Career Management fully integrated into the Program including classes during core curriculum, corporate recruiting, including on and off-campus events and job board.

One-on-one coaching appointments, workshops and additional resources available throughout the year. Complete support for students looking for an acceleration or career transition.

Career Management support available such has professional coaching, in a very limited capacity. Support includes improving professional narrative and Linked In profile.

On and off-campus recruitment activities including job board not available.

Professional Goals

For career switchers, career accelerators, or those looking to formalize or further develop business education.

For working professionals who do not plan to career change and want to stay with current company or same industry; builds on existing business education.

Application Deadlines

We encourage you to keep the following timelines in mind when planning to submit your application. We process applications as they are received and suggest submitting as early as possible to avoid deadline peaks. The MBA Direct Program will begin July 5th, 2021.

Rolling Admissions

Please keep in mind that we process applications on a rolling basis, and both admissions and scholarship decisions are handed out between application deadlines. You do not need to wait for a deadline to apply. 

Application Deadlines - 2021 Admission

Application Round Deadline
Round 5 May 25, 2021

MBA Direct Program Curriculum

The MBA Direct curriculum is designed to build on the core knowledge you already obtained during your HBA years at Ivey, and bring you up to the MBA level.

MBA Direct Curriculum and Courses

Tuition & Academic Expenses*

We know that financing the MBA is about much more than just tuition; an MBA from Ivey Business School is an investment in yourself. Before getting started, it’s important to consider all of the associated costs, including tuition, cost of living, and other academic expenses you may incur throughout during your return to Ivey.

All amounts are in Canadian dollars.

Tuition 2021
Domestic Students $50,085
International Students** $70,600
International students add UHIP Health Insurance (mandatory) $720
Fees*** Estimated Fees
Western Student Organization Fees (including MBA Association Fee) $1155
Western Student Ancillary Fees $523
Ivey Course Material Fees (case books) $1550
Total $3228

* Subject to University Senate Approval.
** Some international students at Western University are eligible to pay Canadian domestic tuition fees. Please see the Western Registrar's site for more information.
*** These are estimated fees and subject to change each year as approved by University Senate. Please visit Western’s Ancillary Fee Schedule for further details.

Other Academic Expenses

International Study Trip (Optional Elective) $3,000 - $4,000

*All costs are subject to change.

For an approximate breakdown of living expenses, please click here.

Admission Scholarships

Approximately 85% of our incoming students receive an admission scholarship, ranging from $5,000 to $20,000. Our admission scholarships are based on the strength of your candidacy and not based on financial need. 

In order to be considered for a merit-based admissions award, applicants must complete the Scholarships section within the online MBA Direct admission application. There is no separate application for individual consideration. Successful applicants will be notified with their admissions offer prior to the start of the program.

To learn more about how to finance your MBA including our MBA Loan Program with specific Canadian banks, please click here.

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If you are a recent Ivey HBA grad who wants to learn more about the MBA Direct for HBA Graduates Program, please contact Lindsay Lippmann, Associate Director, MBA Recruitment and Admissions.