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Meet the Ivey MBA Class of 2021 Lean In Canada scholarship recipients

Oct 15, 2020

Lean In Canada

L-R: Winnie Dang, Francesca Maduri, Martha McIvor, Elizabeth Abell, Sana Zafar, Kristina Weatherbee, and Alina Salemohamed

We’re so proud of the seven Ivey MBA women who have been named Lean In Canada scholarship recipients.

Ivey has been a Lean In Canada sponsor for more than five years and has already contributed more than $500,000 in Lean In Canada Scholarships Awards to women in business. In the last two years, 20 Lean In Canada scholarships have been awarded to Ivey MBA students with strong leadership skills who are seen as having the potential to contribute to the female community at Ivey by empowering their fellow classmates.

Meet our new Lean In Canada scholarship recipients and learn their thoughts on mentorship, advancing gender diversity, and pursuing an MBA:

Elizabeth Abell (on mentors)

Elizabeth Abell“Having strong support from professional mentors and reaching out to members of the alumni network who work in similar industries helped me to see possible career paths and encouraged me to pursue an MBA.”

Winnie Dang (on pursuing an MBA)

Winnie Dang

“An MBA really is a transformative experience. You will learn a ton, expand your mind, and meet such talented and insanely smart people. However, I think it’s really important to be introspective before you begin the journey and really internalize why you want to pursue an MBA, because it’s a long and hard road. Knowing in your core why you chose to invest in yourself will help you tune out any noise and help you to keep going when times get tough.”

Francesca Maduri (on getting involved)

Francesca Maduri“I'm a member of the Women in Management (WIM) student club, a LIFT mentee, and a Pass the Glass buddy for several incoming MBA students. There are so many opportunities to receive support and advice from amazing women, and to pay it forward as well.”


Martha McIvor
(on advancing gender diversity)

Martha McIvor“Advancing gender diversity, particularly in the finance industry, is a cause I feel passionately about and have been involved with through organizations such as Lean In Canada and Women in Capital Markets. As Co-President of the Finance Club and a member of the Women in Management (WIM) Club, I promote a similar mentality at Ivey. For example, WIM and the Finance Club have organized joint sessions for our classmates to learn about the experiences of successful female practitioners.”

Alina Salemohamed (on pursuing an MBA)

Alina Salemohamed“I believe that any woman interested in pursuing an MBA should take the jump. Completing an MBA provides a variety of support and skills and a wide network of amazing females who consistently help each other to grow. I recommend that you connect with any females who have completed an MBA or currently work in a role that you are interested in, as a way to guide you to achieve your goals!”

Kristina Weatherbee
(on pursuing an MBA)

Kristina Weatherbee “My advice for women considering an MBA is to go for it! Many programs are still struggling to reach classes consisting of 50-per-cent+ women, and the best way to move closer to this goal is to encourage more women to pursue their MBAs. Not only does this benefit the classroom environment, but it increases the number of women who move into management roles and have their voices heard across industries. It can be intimidating to jump into something new, but I promise, once you become a part of this community, you won't regret it!”

Sana Zafar (on mentors)

Sana Zafar“I have been very fortunate to have had some incredible mentors, both men and women, very early on in my career, guiding me and always pushing me to be the best version of myself. They taught me to fear complacency and stagnation, and that is what encouraged me to pursue an MBA to continue to better myself personally and professionally.”