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Six Ivey MBA women named Lean In Canada scholarship recipients

Apr 12, 2021

L-R Katie Zajner, Ada Zhang, Jenny Zhang, Jessica McEwen, Lauren Fraser, and Kaitie Watson

L-R Katie Zajner, Ada Zhang, Jenny Zhang, Jessica McEwen, Lauren Fraser, and Kaitie Watson

Lean In Canada has announced that six women from Ivey's MBA Class of 2022 are recipients of the Lean In Canada Scholarships for women in business. The awards go to women with strong leadership skills who Lean In Canada believes would highly contribute to the female community at Ivey by empowering their fellow classmates. In the last three years, more than 20 Lean In Canada Scholarships have been given to Ivey’s MBA students. 

Meet our new Lean In Canada Scholarship recipients and learn their thoughts on mentorship, advancing gender diversity, and pursuing an MBA.

Lauren FraserLauren Fraser (on pursuing an MBA)
“For me, pursuing an MBA isn’t just about advancing my personal career goals, but is also about becoming a leader who can mentor and inspire the next generation of businesswomen. Many studies show that organizations with mixed-gender workplaces perform better overall, and for this reason, I look forward to seeing more female representation from the classroom to the boardroom!”

Jessica McEwenJessica McEwen (on pursuing an MBA and mentorship)
“The privilege of pursuing an MBA has only compounded my deep interest in contributing to the success of women in finance. Women are underrepresented in both finance and MBA programs, and I am excited to continue to explore the role I can play in empowering more women to pursue both. Representation matters, and elevating the women that we study and work with through mentorship and sponsorship is the first meaningful step towards narrowing inequity across industries.” 

Kaitie WatsonKaitie Watson (on advancing gender diversity and pursuing an MBA)
"It is important for women to be able to see themselves in the roles they aspire to, and we need more strong women in leadership positions to make that happen. I have been fortunate enough to grow up with amazing women as role models, including starting my career at a female-led company in a male-dominated industry, and I am pursuing my MBA so that I have the opportunity to pay it forward." 

Katie ZajnerKatie Zajner (on advancing gender diversity and pursuing an MBA)
“My experience in the technology industry showed me that there is a lack of female representation in leadership positions, and I recognize the magnitude of change that needs to happen to ensure we have diverse and inclusive representation at all levels of an organization. Knowing that things won't change unless you are an agent of change yourself, I decided to pursue my MBA to gain the knowledge and leadership skills necessary to make a difference in today's world. I hope that in the future I can be a role model for women entering the workforce and inspire others to think big, be bold, and be authentic.” 

Ada ZhangAda Zhang (on mentorship)
“I am incredibly lucky to have been mentored by strong women all my life, which has empowered me to tirelessly pursue avenues of higher potential. As such, an MBA is both my investment towards life-changing professional development, and my opportunity to pass the wisdom of those who built me up to a new generation of women in business.”

Jenny ZhangJenny Zhang (on pursuing an MBA)
“To pursue an MBA is to be continuously inspired by new ideas, experiences, and people. The MBA environment is one that not only lifts you up, but also reinforces the importance of lifting others. As such, I know this experience will be invaluable as I look to fulfill both my goal of becoming a business leader that creates meaningful change and a role model for the next generation of women leaders.”

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