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Nine MBA women named Forté Fellows

Jul 14, 2021

Forte Fellows (L-R) Ugonwa Echendu, Noreen Wu, Doyin Omotoye, Jessie Gill, Shibani Sachdeva, Constantina Varlokostas, Katie Lo, and Temitope Busari (missing: Dominique Hanson)

(L-R) Ugonwa Echendu, Noreen Wu, Doyin Omotoye, Jessie Gill, Shibani Sachdeva, Constantina Varlokostas, Katie Lo, and Temitope Busari (missing: Dominique Hanson)

Nine women from Ivey's MBA Class of 2022 have been named Forté Fellow recipients for leadership in their organizations and communities.

The prestigious Forté Fellows Program aims to launch women into fulfilling, significant careers through access to business education, professional development, and a community of successful women. Meet the recipients of the fellowship from Ivey and find out what being a Forté Fellow means to them.

Temitope BusariTemitope Busari
“I am excited to be an Ivey Forté Fellow because it demonstrates my passion for community, leadership, and women empowerment. Growing up in Africa, I had to work extra hard to make a positive impact and, now that I have two beautiful daughters, I want to be able to inspire women to break every glass ceiling in pursuit of their dreams. Ivey’s approach to business education is indeed transformative and I’m thrilled to be on this journey in the company of such confident and outstanding women.” 

Ugonwa EchenduUgonwa Echendu
“I am proud to be selected as an ambassador for Ivey and for women in leadership in the business community. I am glad to see Ivey making continuous efforts to bridge the gap in the representation of women in leadership teams.” 


Jessie GillJessie Gill
“To me, being a Forté Fellow means taking the first step toward creating a future that includes, values, and celebrates women from all backgrounds. As a mom to a little girl, I am excited to build that future with Ivey and the Forté Foundation.”


Dominique HansonDominique Hanson
“I am honoured and proud to be selected as one of Ivey’s Forté Fellows. I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to use this lifelong network to build an inclusive community and promote women in leadership.”


Katie LoKatie Lo
“I am honoured to join an incredible network of trailblazing leaders and I look forward to furthering my professional development and personal growth while promoting an equitable future for underrepresented groups.”


Doyin OmotoyeDoyin Omotoye
“Being a Forté Fellow reassures me that I have done some things right in the past and encourages me to do more. It is a privilege to be part of an international and diverse network of women that is committed to the growth of other women. It provides me a huge platform and the opportunity to continue to grow and mentor others, hopefully making their journey easier.”

Shibani SachdevaShibani Sachdeva
“Promoting awareness around learning disabilities and helping children beat them is a cause I am most passionate about. Being an Ivey Forté Fellow is an opportunity to expand my work beyond my own country, to reach out for help from an accomplished network, and to drive my mission to more children around the world.”

Constantina VarlokostaConstantina Varlokostas
“I am honoured to be a member of the Forté community and surrounded by a group of strong, passionate women that brings a diverse set of knowledge and experiences. This is an experience that will not only build on our professional and personal development, but challenge us to change the business landscape for women.”

Noreen WuNoreen Wu
“The Ivey Forté Fellowship enables me to advocate for women in leadership and inspire future generations to fearlessly pursue their passions. What would you do if you weren’t afraid?”

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