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Welcome to the MBA Direct Class of 2022

Jul 6, 2021

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Some did their HBA just a few years ago while for others, it has been a while since they were last at Ivey. But the 15 HBA graduates who are beginning the MBA Direct for HBA Graduates Program have one thing in common – they are all excited to be back at Ivey to continue their learning journey.

The students came together at a virtual welcome event today to either become reacquainted or meet each other for the first time, and get a sense of what to expect over the next eight months. The streamlined program gets them back into the workforce quickly while giving them access to a top-ranked career management team and international learning opportunities.

The new MBA Direct students have a wide range of backgrounds and some diverse interests.

Here’s a look at the MBA Direct Class of 2022 by the numbers.

MBA Direct Class of 2022 By the Numbers

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