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Ivey’s Forté Fellows strive to break barriers for women

May 24, 2022

Forte Fellows

Front (l-r): Funmilayo Smart, Jaclyn Robertson, Apoorva Chandrakanth, and Jennifer (Ye Won) Kim; back (l-r): Fiona Logue, Shivali Barot, Bridget Farrell, and MJ Orata.

Rachel Lincoln Photography

Eight Ivey MBA women have joined a prestigious group of young leaders recognized for advancing women in business and society.

The women have been named Forté Fellows, a competitive award for those who demonstrate exemplary leadership and champion diversity initiatives.

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Through the Forté Fellows program, they will receive unique development, leadership, and networking opportunities.

Meet the Class of 2023 recipients and learn what the award means to them.

Introducing Ivey's Forté Fellows

Shivali BarotShivali Barot

“Being an Ivey Forté Fellow allows me to represent women from non-traditional business backgrounds and leverage a platform to engage with women leaders to foster diversity and inclusion in business leadership. It gives me an opportunity to bring forth new perspectives and carve a path for other like-minded women to be curious, innovate, and collaborate to achieve their aspirations while working towards advancing women in business.”

Apoorva ChandrakanthApoorva Chandrakanth

“As a two-time entrepreneur and part-time content creator, I understand the challenges that women face in pushing their boundaries and dreaming beyond their conditioning. So, as a Forté Fellow, I hope to meet like-minded women who are driven, ambitious, and hard-working. I also look forward to giving back to the Ivey women's community and encouraging women to break barriers and aim for the stars. I am honoured to have been awarded this scholarship and excited to explore the myriad of opportunities that it brings with it.”

Bridget FarrellBridget Farrell

“I am incredibly honoured to be welcomed into the Forté network and to be able to continue the mission of furthering those who identify as women in business. It is a privilege to be part of such a strong, supportive community that serves as a source of inspiration and empowerment for women in various stages of their career.”

Jennifer (Ye Won) Kim

Jennifer (Ye Won) Kim

“The Ivey Forté Fellowship is a reminder that I am pursuing my MBA not only to advance my personal career goals, but also to inspire others to dream big and take action. Strong women have helped me become who I am today and I hope I can do the same for the next generation.”

Fiona LogueFiona Logue

“I’m excited to be an Ivey Forté Fellow to join a network of inspirational women leaders committed to promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace. Creating space for diverse perspectives creates stronger solutions.”


MJ OrataMJ Orata

“I am excited and humbled to be part of a community of empowered women and together elevate women in business. The Forté network will open professional and personal growth opportunities for me as I launch and navigate an international business career.”

Jaclyn RobertsonJaclyn Robertson

“Being a Forté Fellow means I have both the opportunity to increase representation in business leadership and the responsibility to hold the door open for women that come behind me. I want to encourage all women to pursue the careers that they dream of and ensure their voices are heard in the workplace and greater community."

Funmilayo SmartFunmilayo Smart

"As someone very passionate about making a positive impact, I’m excited to be an Ivey Forté Fellow, as it provides a platform to grow, network, make ground-breaking contributions to the society, and foster women empowerment. Furthermore, I’m ecstatic about Ivey’s approach to business education and the opportunity it creates to inspire women to chase and achieve their dreams."

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