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The journey begins for Ivey’s MBA Class of 2023

Mar 4, 2022

Group shot of MBA Class of 2023 at welcome reception

There is no doubt some members of Ivey’s MBA Class of 2023 enjoy an adventure.

Among the group is a shark diver, an arnisador (a practitioner of arnis, a martial arts sport using weapons), and an ice cross downhill athlete.

But, no matter what their background, they’re all prepared for a new adventure together through Ivey’s MBA educational journey.

The class of 135 students came together for a welcome event at Ivey’s Brock Pavilion on March 3 where they were welcomed by Lyn Purdy, Ivey’s Associate Dean of Programs, and the program’s faculty and staff. They also had a chance to meet their learning teams and get to know each other through some icebreaker activities.

Purdy told the students learning through Ivey’s real-life business cases will be a transformative experience and together they’ll develop the thinking, character, and confidence to help them become remarkable leaders.

“You are about to embark on an exciting journey. All of you are going to look back on this day as the beginning of something absolutely life-changing,” said Purdy.

She said they’ll also learn from each other, especially given their diverse interests and backgrounds.

The class includes:

  • A professional deejay;
  • A photographer;
  • A dancer and choreographer;
  • An NCAA soccer player;
  • Musicians;
  • A fashion and lifestyle blogger; and,
  • Entrepreneurs with ventures ranging from matchmaking to selling shoes on Amazon.

Here’s a look at the MBA Class of 2023 by the numbers.

MBA Class of 2023 By the Numbers

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