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Ivey’s Lean In Canada scholarship recipients on pursuing an MBA

May 6, 2022

Lean In Canada scholarship recipients (l-r) Ena Mulalic, Faïza M'Ghizou, Reilly Baggs, Yzah Macalintal, and Mahak Gupta.

Lean In Canada scholarship recipients (l-r) Ena Mulalic, Faïza M'Ghizou, Reilly Baggs, Yzah Macalintal, and Mahak Gupta.

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Mahak Gupta, an MBA ’23 candidate, says she believes dreams can come true if you’re fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire. One of her dreams includes building an entrepreneurial venture that will make a positive impact in the world.

Gupta is one step closer to making that dream a reality through doing an MBA, and is one of five Ivey women in the MBA Class of 2023 to receive a Lean In Canada scholarship.

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Each year, Lean In Canada awards the scholarships to Ivey MBA students with strong leadership skills and the potential to empower other women in the program.

Below the recipients share their goals and what pursuing an MBA means to them.

Meet the Lean In Canada scholarship recipients

Reilly BaggsReilly Baggs

“Pursuing an MBA is about both personal and professional growth. Through that growth, my goal is to learn how to leverage my unique skills to contribute to meaningful causes. As future business leaders, we have an inherent role as mentors to other women and as advocates for gender diversity within the business community. I am excited to be part of this group of amazing women at Ivey who will drive progress and accomplish great things!”

Mahak GuptaMahak Gupta

“My MBA will catalyze building my next venture on a larger scale and reaching a larger audience with my humanitarian efforts, all while improving my leadership style, elevating my business acumen, and taking my network to the next level. As a national board member of Lean in Canada and founder of a women's mentorship program for small business owners, I'm in a unique position to empower and support women in creating opportunities that show how much of a formidable force they are in the boardroom!”

Yzah MacalintalYzah Macalintal

“Coming from male-dominated industries in mining and energy, it is an absolute privilege to be pursuing an MBA with strong-willed women from very diverse backgrounds. Even before the program started, I had incredible support from the women in the previous cohort, the alumni network, and my classmates. By advancing gender diversity, together we can bring a fresh perspective in different business verticals and make a collaborative impact.”

Faïza M'GhizouFaïza M'Ghizou

“We all have a purpose in life, and sometimes just need one person to guide us through uncertain times to show us that taking a leap of faith will get us closer to that purpose. As a mother working in the financial industry, mentorship has helped me see that women have a unique outlook on challenges, which makes us deliver outstanding results. Pursuing the Ivey MBA will allow me to join this circle of incredible women who challenge the status quo every day while making an impact in their communities.”

Ena MulalicEna Mulalic

“I am privileged to have been a mentor and experienced the mentorship of strong women throughout my engineering career. I feel equally lucky to be pursuing an MBA where I can continue to play a role in empowering women professionally. I hope to use the leadership skills I gain from my MBA to drive organizational change as well as have a meaningful impact on the community of women around me and future generations of leaders.”