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Three Ivey clubs create opportunities for students in sales and marketing

May 24, 2022

Sales and Marketing Club - L to r: Lucy Tan, Sebastian Martinez, Jesse Li, Taja McLean

L to r: Lucy Tan, Sebastian Martinez, Jesse Li, Taja McLean.

Ivey’s three sales and marketing clubs assist HBA and MBA students and alumni exploring careers advertising, sales, public relations, and entrepreneurship. Throughout their time at Ivey, the clubs help students to gather knowledge, network with industry professionals, and get insights regarding the different opportunities in technology, consumer packaged goods (CPG), retail, food service, financial institutions, among many others.

The mission of Ivey’s sales and marketing clubs is to foster a community of curious and creatively-inclined individuals. They strive to create an environment where students can come together to develop their understanding of sales and marketing while gaining access to new and exciting opportunities and experiences.

Together, the sales and marketing clubs are Ivey’s largest student-led organizations. Between the three clubs, there are over 300 active members from different countries, backgrounds, and industries.

Events and services for students

The clubs operate on three core pillars: education, exploration, and recruiting. To do this, they offer a number of events and services to their members including:

  • Networking events;
  • Career fairs;
  • Guest panels;
  • Career development courses;
  • Workshops; and,
  • Access to relevant job postings.

In addition, every year, the Ivey Marketing Summit and Ivey Sales Career Day are the clubs’ largest and most memorable events. The conferences bring in industry leaders and professionals from across a wide array of companies, including P&G, Unilever, Telus, Canadian Tire.

Why did you get involved with the club?

“I got involved in the club during HBA1 as a section rep. Fortunately, I’ve always known I had a strong interest in marketing and so getting involved in the club was a no-brainer for me. As a section rep, I was able to assist in organizing events and being a more involved member in the community where I was able to make very strong connections and further refine my interest in the space.” - Lucy Tan, HBA Ivey Marketing Club Co-President, 2021-22

“I was drawn to the Ivey Marketing Club because I have always been a curious, creatively-driven, and empathetic individual. Naturally, I was excited to work in an industry where ideation is encouraged and understanding customers emotionally produced greater business success. I am so grateful for the opportunities the Ivey Marketing Club provided for me and the support of my team members.” - Jessie Li, HBA Ivey Marketing Club Co-President, 2021-22

“I wanted to add value to the club members and connect with the members to understand their needs and help them either by networking, providing access to knowledge, or offering them an update on new roles.” - Sebastian Martinez, MBA Ivey Sales & Marketing Club President 2021-22

“I had the opportunity to learn from teammates, industry professionals, and individuals from the Western community. I can’t wait to see what ISC evolves to be with an increasing sales community and presence on campus.” - Taja McLean, HBA Ivey Sales Club Co-President, 2020-21

Why are the clubs important to Ivey?

Academically, there is a strong emphasis on pathways such as finance and consulting, but within a business, there are so many career opportunities outside of those spaces. Having diverse industries represented on campus, such as marketing and sales, is important. Marketing is pivotal to any successful business. These clubs provide students with the opportunity to further develop an interest in this area and see if their individual skills and interests are best suited or aligned for roles in the space.

As career clubs, students have the chance to explore sales and marketing options and get relevant information about different industries. The clubs offer the opportunity to learn about others’ experiences in these fields and get a sense of sales and marketing in Canada and beyond.

The clubs strive to develop a non-elitist and inclusive culture, open to all, where people are excited and willing to participate. Focusing on personal branding, they provide fun and interactive events that positively encourage and motivate students to develop skills and more.

What’s next?

Moving forward, the goal of the three clubs is to provide a deeper understanding for future students of all the innovative and exciting opportunities that are being created and developed in the sales and marketing industry.