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Welcome HBA Class of 2024

Sep 2, 2022

Nadine de Gannes with HBA students at HBA O-Week Gala

Nadine de Gannes with HBA students at the O-Week Gala.

Ivey welcomed its largest HBA class in history at today’s O-Week Gala where the 765 students in the HBA Class of 2024 got a chance to meet each other, learn about the program, and hear from an alumni guest speaker.

During the breakfast event at RBC Place London, the students were welcomed by HBA Program Faculty Director Nadine de Gannes, HBA ’09; and Darren Meister, Associate Dean, Faculty Development; and heard a speech from Reg Jackson, HBA ’96, Senior Wealth Advisor and Portfolio Manager with National Bank Financial.

The event officially kicked-off O-Week, which includes a variety of upcoming activities to help the students get to know each other, build section spirit, and prepare for the year ahead. This year’s O-Week line-up includes an Olympics Day, an Ivey Vibez Day, a bootcamp, and a beach day.

A highlight of the O-Week Gala was the section reveal where the students were introduced to the members of their individual HBA sections.

This year’s class has two additional sections thanks to earlier expansion plans to accommodate 150 additional students.The program’s growth has allowed for even more high-quality students in the HBA Class of 2024, coming from a variety of backgrounds. Here’s a look at the HBA Class of 2024 by the numbers.

HBA Class of 2024 By the Numbers