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MSc students tackle real-world data challenge through Hack the Case

Apr 17, 2023

Hack The Case Winners

The winning team "Seize the Data" (L-R): Yutong Que, Jacob Adams, Alice Jia, Caroline Parsons, Mel Melconian

In the seventh annual MSc Hack the Case competition, students in Ivey’s MSc Business Analytics stream had the opportunity to apply their analytical skills to a real-life data challenge. Teams were tasked with analyzing customer and member data for Scotiabank’s Scene+ program in order to identify high-quality customers.

The competition was held in-person from April 3-17, 2023 and was sponsored by Deloitte, SAS, Scotiabank, and the Centre for Advanced Computing.

In addition to working with real-world data, students participated in a training program on the SAS software and benefitted from having dedicated mentors from Deloitte and SAS.

Congratulations to Team "Seize the Data" for winning the 2023 Hack the Case competition! Team members included:

  • Jacob Adams
  • Alice Jia
  • Mel Melconian
  • Caroline Parsons
  • Yutong Que

And congratulations also to the runners-up, "The Hacktivators", which included Tyler Groves, Alay Patel, Jenna Wilson, Christy Zhang, and Diyi Zou.

Thank you to the judges:

Deloitte: Uykur Denizhan, Keyur Shah and Michael Vinelli

SAS: Dan Finerty and Ron Yee

Scotiabank: Michael Bonnick and Nilakshan Ranganathan

Ivey Business School: Tiffany Bayley and Jason Chew

Thank you to the mentors:

Deloitte: Chris Andreou, Michael Bradshaw, MSc ’21, Jenna Eyram, Andrew Klein, MSc ’21, Fiona McKay, Hrudvi Ranganath Bandla, Nick Shortill, Michael Wickware, HBA ’20, Phillip Yang, MSc ’20

SAS: James Berry, Amy Danter, Tom Galimanas, Shima Pishnamaz, Lorne Rothman, Danny Sprukulis and Simon Sun

And thank you to the organization representatives who shared their remarks at the competition’s closing ceremony:

Blaine Woodcock, MBA ’07, National Strategy, Analytics & M&A Leader, Deloitte

Michael Bonnick, Director, Loyalty & Sponsorships, Scotiabank

Bryan Mehi, Senior Global Academic Program Manager, SAS