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New Ivey Academy workshop examines potential of Blockchain and Web3

Aug 24, 2023

Hubert Pun, Blockchain technology getty image

Hubert Pun, Getty image of blockchain technology

Ivey’s Hubert Pun says in today’s age of disruption, if you are not disrupting the industry, then someone is going to disrupt your job.

Pun, an Associate Professor of Management Science and Director of Ivey’s PhD program, deems it crucial for leaders to think ahead and continuously adapt when it comes to technology. That’s why he created a blockchain-focused workshop for business leaders, in partnership with The Ivey Academy.

The new workshop, Leading Change in the New Digital Era, is offered in two two-hour virtual sessions and gives leaders the opportunity to explore the world of blockchain, taking a deep dive into its mechanics, implications, and practical applications.

Pun has been researching blockchain technology and its impact on the working world for the past few years. More recently, he has seen an increased interest in blockchain from business leaders through teaching the topic to EMBA participants and sparking conversations on the Ivey Academy podcast episode, How Blockchain Technology is Already Shaping the Future of Business.

“The consequences of ignoring potential digital disruption in almost any organization or industry can be severe,” said Pun.

Examples of these consequences were seen when Blockbuster was pushed out of the market by Netflix’s online subscription model and when Barnes & Noble’s in-store sales were threatened by Amazon’s online retailing.

“Investing in emerging technologies such as blockchain before they become entrenched can offer huge advantages,” he said.

Leading Change in the New Digital Era is intended for leaders and managers at all levels and areas of their organizations, from HR to marketing to operations and beyond.

What leaders will learn

  • Recognize the links and distinctions between blockchain, web3, NFTs, DLTs, DAOs, and more
  • Identify the organizational risks and potential disruption presented by distributed ledger technologies
  • Work through real-world case examples to inspire potential uses for blockchain
  • Identify organizational processes and workflows that can be optimized or transformed using blockchain
  • Formulate a roadmap for integrating blockchain technologies

This workshop is just one of the ways Ivey is helping leaders to prepare for the evolution of work, which is one of the critical issues facing business and society identified in the Ivey Next strategy.