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Hubert Pun

Associate Professor, Management Science

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  • Supply Chain Management
  • Marketing-operations interface
  • Co-opetition
  • Healthcare operations management
  • Copycat

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Dr. Hubert Pun is an Associate Professor and the Ph.D. program coordinator of the Management Science area group at the Ivey Business School (Western University). He grew up in Hong Kong. After earning his undergraduate degree and working in Vancouver for a few years, he became part of an expansion team of a Venezuelan start-up company that grew the business through the Americas (e.g., Colombia, Mexico, Panama, and USA) during 2002-2005. He graduated from the Kelley School of Business (Indiana University) in 2010, where he completed his PhD in Operations Management and Decision Sciences. He joined the Ivey Business School in 2010 and has taught in the undergraduate, MSc, MBA and Ph.D. programs. In the last couple of years, he was awarded with the Ivey Dean’s Teaching Commendation Letters (top 10% Ivey faculty) and the University Students’ Council Teaching Honor Roll. His research interests include, marketing/operations interface, co-operative supply chain management, counterfeiting products, and healthcare operations management. He has published in Manufacturing & Service Operations Management (M&SOM), Production and Operations Management (POM), Journal of Operations Management (JOM), etc. Currently, he is serving as an associate editor at International Journal of Production Research (IJPR).


  • Decision making with analytics (undergrad core)
  • Financial analytics (undergrad elective, MSc elective, MBA elective)


  • PhD, Operations Management / Decision Sciences - Indiana University
  • MEng, Electrical Engineering - Simon Fraser University
  • BASc, Engineering Physics - University of British Columbia

Recent Refereed Articles

  • Ghamat, S.; Pun, H.; Yan, X. H., (Forthcoming), "Optimal Outsourcing Strategies when Capacity is Limited", Decision Sciences.
  • Ghamat, S.; Zaric, G. S.; Pun, H., (Forthcoming), "Contracts to promote use of optional diagnostic tests in cancer treatment", Production and Operations Management.
  • Yan, T.; Ribbink, D.; Pun, H., 2018, "Incentivizing Supplier Participation in Buyer Innovation: Experimental Evidence of Non-Optimal Contractual Behaviors", Journal of Operations Management, January 57: 36 - 53.
  • Chen, S-F. S.; Pun, H.; Wang, L., 2017, "A Pricing-Error Rule on Share Distribution in Equity Joint Ventures: The Bayesian Approach", Managerial and Decision Economics, December 38(8): 1172 - 1184.
  • Pun, H.; DeYong, G. D., 2017, "Competing with Copycats when Customers Are Strategic", Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, July 19(3): 403 - 418.
  • Begen, M. A.; Pun, H.; Yan, X. H., 2016, "Supply and Demand Uncertainty Reduction Efforts and Cost Comparison", International Journal of Production Economics, October 180: 125 - 134.
  • Pun, H.; Ghamat, S., 2016, "The Value of Partnership Under Competition: When Competitors May Be R & D Joint-Venture and Supply-Chain Partners for a Critical Component", International Journal of Production Economics, July 177: 1 - 11.
  • Pun, H., 2015, "The more the better? Optimal degree of supply-chain cooperation between competitors.", Journal of the Operational Research Society, December 12(66): 2092 - 2101.
  • DeYong, G. D.; Pun, H., 2015, "Is dishonesty the best policy? Supplier behavior in a multi-tier supply chain", International Journal of Production Economics, December 170(A): 1 - 13.
  • Pun, H.; Heese, H. S., 2015, "A note on budget allocation for market research and advertising", International Journal of Production Economics, April 166: 85 - 89.
  • Pun, H.; Heese, H. S., 2015, "Controlling a supplier’s subcontracting decisions through contractual enforcement or economic incentives", International Journal of Production Research, January 53(1): 127 - 140.
  • Pun, H., 2014, "Supplier selection of a critical component when the production process can be improved", International Journal of Production Economics, August 154: 127 - 135.
  • Pun, H.; Heese, H. S., 2014, "Outsourcing to suppliers with unknown capabilities", European Journal of Operational Research, April 234(1): 108 - 118.
  • Pun, H., 2013, "Channel Structure Design for Complementary Products under a Co-opetitive Environment", Decision Sciences, November 44(4): 785 - 796.
  • Bretthauer, K.; Heese, H. S.; Pun, H.; Coe, E., 2011, "Blocking in Healthcare Operations: A New Heuristic and an Application", Production and Operations Management, June 20(3): 375 - 391.

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Works in Progress

  • Endogenous service effort and vertical channel structure decisions when customers may freeride
  • The impact of inventory risk on market prices and profits
  • The enemies from within: When your supplier produces a copycat of your branded product
  • Implications of outsourcing on process and product innovation in Supply Chains


  • Associate Instructor, Indiana University, USA, (2005-2010)
  • Computer Network Trainer, CTT, Miami, (2005-2007)
  • Senior Network Consultant, Desca, Venezuela, (2002-2005)
  • Network Engineer, TELUS, Vancouver, (1999-2001)
  • Network Engineer, Glenayre, Vancouver, (1998-1999)