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Ivey caps off centennial with new Learning to Lead history book

Dec 19, 2023

Learning to Lead Sharon chapter

The new Learning to Lead book includes a chapter on Ivey Dean Sharon Hodgson

In celebration of 100 years of business education, Ivey has released a new edition of its history book, Learning to Lead, capturing highlights of the past decade and the big ideas that will shape its next century.

Learning to Lead: The Third Edition includes four new chapters of content. These new chapters chronicle the paths forged by Dean Bob Kennedy (2013-2017); Acting Dean Mark Vandenbosch, HBA '84, (2017-2019); and current Ivey Dean Sharon Hodgson (2019-present), as well as share the vision behind Ivey’s Toronto campus expansion. The book also has updated chapters on the Richard Ivey Building and the Ivey family’s support to date and an expanded timeline showcasing developments at the School from 2013-2023.

In addition to capturing the School’s storied past, this new edition of Learning to Lead points to Ivey’s future direction. It tells how Sharon Hodgson recently updated Ivey’s mission and purpose and introduced a new strategic plan, Ivey Next, focused on Innovating for Impact. It also mentions the three critical issues the School is taking on in the coming years – 1) Evolution of Work, 2) Canada’s Place in the World, and 3) Sustainability – and how it will bring these issues to the forefront in the classroom and Ivey’s research.

Learning to Lead was first published in 1993 by Doreen McKenzie-Sanders, C.M., Editor Emeritus of the Business Quarterly (now the Ivey Business Journal). A second edition was published in 2013 to coincide with the grand opening of the new Richard Ivey Building. This third edition carries on the important work of the other editions. Through its depiction of 10 decades of business education, readers can see Ivey’s tremendous growth over time and get a glimpse of what lies ahead.

The book is available for purchase at Ivey Trading Company or can be found online.