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Ivey centennial marketing campaign shares visions of the future

Jan 25, 2023

The Future We See (l-r): Tessa Weidner, Jordan Bloom, Fenton Jagdeo, Kimberley Young Milani, David Wood, Shivali Barot

Ivey is turning a page in its 100-year history by envisioning the next chapter of its leadership in business education and the influence of business on the world.  

The School’s newly launched centennial marketing campaign, The Future We See, looks ahead to a future filled with promise, innovation, and a commitment to a more sustainable and prosperous world. The marketing campaign features Ivey faculty, staff, students, and alumni reflecting on the future and will appear online and on billboards and at prominent locations in London, Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, and Vancouver.

Here’s a look at some of their visions of the future.

Leaders will bridge gaps and solve problems

Shivali Barot, MBA ’23 candidate

“The future I see is one where the gaps between medicine and health care and business and technology are bridged. Ivey taught us to think really big in terms of trying to bridge these gaps and focus on a client-centric or patient-centric way of thinking where we can all come together to bring forth our diverse perspectives and solve challenging business problems.”

We will unlock the opportunities of technology 

Jordan Bloom, HBA ’23 candidate

“Technology is going to touch everything that we do, whether it be from a sustainability lens and having clean energy to artificial intelligence and the way we communicate with each other … We have to work together to figure out what we want that next generation to look like … So I’m really excited as my classmates and I leave Ivey, how we can be the change that we want to see in the world.”

Ivey will continue to teach leaders to look at things in a unique way

Tessa Weidner, HBA ’15, MBA ’19, Associate Director of Ivey’s EdTech Lab

“We are teaching people to look at things in a unique way and that's really what is going to create timeliness here at Ivey ... In the future – in the next 100 years – Ivey will use that foundation as a jumping off point. We will look at new industries, look at new topics, and look at new experiences. And we will continue to foster the next 30,000-plus alumni who will also call Ivey their home.”

Management education will shape our social future

Kimberley Young Milani, Director, Ian O. Ihnatowycz Institute for Leadership

“Any business school that wants to be relevant in the future can not only teach the basic business fundamentals – they are going to have to teach about sustainability, equity, justice, global dynamics and so forth … Ivey is agile and creative and I have no doubt that we … will be able to adapt and shift and innovate to be at the leading edge of that emerging future.”

Future leaders will build Canada’s place on the global stage

Fenton Jagdeo, HBA ’16, Entrepreneur, Investor, Professor

“Ivey is an accelerator for leadership that brings people together who want to impact change wherever they go … As our population grows, so will the diversity of thought, so will the way that we view the world, and what’s important is that we can connect these communities, bridge these communities together, to uplift and create such an amazing nation.”

Ivey will expand its reach and impact

David Wood, HBA ’97, MBA ’12, Executive Director, Ivey Publishing

“We’ve had a tremendous impact on the lives of our graduates, but it has largely been centred around Canada. If you think about the work that we've been doing ... and the work of our alumni, our reach continues to become more global in nature … If we can leverage our expertise and our experiences and share that with the world, I think our potential is quite limitless.”

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