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Ivey faculty third in the world in addressing the SDGs in research

Jan 19, 2023

FT Research SDG

According to a new ranking published in the Financial Times, the Ivey Business School placed third in the world for the degree that its faculty’s research connects with one or multiple of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Featured in the Financial Times’ most recent Responsible Business Education report, the ranking examined the SDG “significance” of hundreds of peer-reviewed papers published in globally prestigious FT50 journals from 2018 to 2021.

“We are honored to receive this recognition of the sustainability significance characterizing Ivey’s research, and it is testament to the deep expertise and collective excellence of more than twenty Ivey faculty tackling sustainability challenges across different management disciplines,” said Jury Gualandris, Director, Centre for Building Sustainable Value (BSV).

Ivey’s new purpose statement is inspiring leaders for a sustainable and prosperous world. As an extension of this statement the school through its research is committed to tackling critical issues facing the world and society. For example, BSV serves as a cross-disciplinary research hub focusing on the circular economy, net-zero climate goals, sustainable finance and systems innovation. 

According to Gualandris, Ivey is aiming to be the thought leader on sustainability in Canada and beyond, where academics, business, and governments come to understand and address the most critical sustainability challenges facing the globe today.

In advancing this agenda, Ivey is also leading in integrating the SDGs into classroom teaching. A joint initiative between BSV and Ivey Publishing, the world’s second largest publisher of business teaching cases, is tagging Ivey cases for their connections to each of the SDGs. This tagging helps instructors identify and select cases covering critical sustainability issues, facilitating the integration of sustainability concepts into management education and the student experience.

It is clear SDGs are becoming more interwoven into policy-making and business decision making. Ivey Publishing’s tagging initiative reflects a real-world shift ensuring the case collection is curated to meet the current demands of faculty and students alike.