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Welcome to the MBA Direct Class of 2024

Jul 4, 2023

MBA Direct Class Of 2024

MBA Direct Class of 2024

Ivey welcomed 12 HBA graduates back to the School this week as they begin the MBA Direct for HBA Graduates Program.

The group came together at Ivey to meet their classmates and get a sense of what to expect over the coming months.

Building on the core knowledge students already obtained during their HBA years at Ivey, the MBA Direct program brings students up to the MBA level in just eight short months. The program offers integrated career management and recruiting activities, international learning opportunites, and is taught amongst a diverse, tight-knit group of classmates.

The new MBA Direct students, who have a wide range of backgrounds and diverse interests, will join the current MBA Class of 2024 who have been at Ivey for the past four months.

Fun facts about students within the MBA Direct Class of 2024:

  • Special Olympics Coach in Rhythmic Gynmastics to athletes with intellectual disabilities
  • Ivey Lecturer and fluent in German
  • General Internal Medicine Resident at LHSC, involved in research in Cardiology and Pediatric Emergency Medicine Division
  • Recruited as one of the field hockey goalkeepers for Team Ontario at the National Games
  • Karate Instructor; Ranked 7th in Canada after competing in three National Championships, earning 2nd degree black belt and placing top two in Ontario
  • Played on Western's Junior Varsity Volleyball Team
  • Holds a Student Pilot License
  • CPA certified