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HBA student receives Futures Fund Scholarship

May 24, 2023

Molly Chen

Molly Chen.

Even while pursuing her own education, HBA1 student Molly Chen is focused on educating others. In 2019, just prior to starting her undergraduate studies at Western University, Chen co-founded Expand Youth Society, a non-profit organization that organizes events to help youth gain transferable skills for their future careers.

Chen’s leadership earned her this year’s Futures Fund Scholarship from Canada's Outstanding CEO of the Year™. Each year, 10 students across Canada receive the $10,000-scholarship to recognize academic achievements, leadership qualities, and extracurricular activities. For Chen, the recognition is affirmation she’s making an impact.

“To me, leadership means having a clear vision of what type of positive impact you want to make on the world, and inspiring others to join in on that mission. It’s also important to foster an environment where everyone’s opinions are heard and valued,” she said. “Ultimately, if you’re a good leader, you’ll be able to leverage your skills and passion to make a positive impact while inspiring others to do the same.”  

Making an impact as a student leader

While at Western, Chen did pro-bono consulting and got involved with numerous clubs, including  Western Founders Network and the W5 Entrepreneurship Association. At Ivey, she’s continuing to make her mark as Vice President of Development for the Ivey Technology Club where she is responsible for organizing tech-focused educational events. All the while, Chen has continued to work as CEO of Expand Youth Society and the organization has educated more than 3,000 youth worldwide to date.

As a Futures Fund Scholarship recipient, Chen, along with the other scholars, will have a chance to do an internship or work full time at KPMG Canada – one of the program’s sponsors – after graduation. It’s a perfect fit for Chen, who is interested in pursuing a career in consulting.

“The chance to work for KPMG would greatly help to kickstart my career and I'll get to learn from a firm that’s known for its commitment to leadership and excellence. Getting exposure to various industries and business challenges will undoubtedly provide me with the skills and insights I need to succeed in the business world,” she said. “Critical thinking and problem-solving are two skills I would love to leverage and develop further in my future career and I’m excited to apply them in a future consulting role.”