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Homecoming 01


October 20-22
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Homecoming Weekend

In true Ivey fashion, our Homecoming Weekend is one of the most successful events of its kind in Canada. Join us this year,
October 20-22, to celebrate your milestone reunion, and reconnect and reminisce with your classmates at the School.

Homecoming Photos & Testimonials

  • Amr Elgwaily, HBA ’01, MBA ’06

    “I came back for the people, the friendships. The stories are fascinating, the people are awesome. I’ve seen people I haven’t spoken to in 10 years, and it’s just like it was yesterday.”

  • Homecoming 2016

  • Kristen Cornell, HBA ’06, MBA ’11

    “When you invest in an Ivey degree, you’re investing in the Network. It’s important to stay connected to the Ivey community—it’s like a family, so you have to make the effort!”

  • Homecoming 2016

  • Roman Matkiwsky, MBA ’91

    “For me, coming back is about reconnecting with the class and reminiscing. There’s something about actually being here that brings a lot of deeper memories. I even remembered where I used to hand in my case studies!”

  • Homecoming 2016

  • Kelly Smith, HBA ’86, MBA ’89

    “It was very intense, that first year at Ivey. We were thrown into the trenches together. We worked together, we played together. It made us very close. When I get together with Ivey people I haven’t seen in years, I’m always surprised that it was only two years I spent with them.”

  • Homecoming 2016

  • Terry Thrasher, MBA ’76

    “There were some really brilliant people in my class, and it was obvious they were going to be very successful. Forty years on, I wanted to come back and hear the stories of their different careers.”

  • Homecoming 2016

  • Isabelle Trempe, HBA ’91

    “I came back to see my friends. I’m also thinking about doing something else with my career, so I wanted to reconnect with people and get their insights. Twenty-five years later, these people have a lot of experience!”

  • Homecoming 2016

  • Jonathan Chan, HBA ’11

    “The Ivey experience helped me develop the leadership skills and confidence to perform and succeed at my job. When I’m in a meeting, it’s always clear who is an Ivey grad — they’re the people who are the most confident and willing to voice their opinions.”

  • Homecoming 2016

  • Andrew Aleong, MBA ’86

    “Coming from the Caribbean, the Ivey experience was very different. It was challenging at the start, but it opened my eyes and broadened my perspectives. It helped me to work cross functionally, across sectors and industries. That’s important in a small country.”

  • Homecoming 2016

  • Glen Christie, HBA ’96, EMBA ’09

    “Ivey gave me my start in international business. I don’t think any other Canadian program would have allowed me to start my career in New York and then continue to move from there. The Alumni Network and the reputation of the School is strong internationally.”

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