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Information Systems

Information Systems (IS) concerns the management of the role, utilization and impact of information technologies in modern organizations. It is multidisciplinary by nature, drawing strongly from disciplines such as organizational behaviour and business strategy, as well as from computer science and technology.

Austin , Rob (BIO) - 500 X 680

Rob Austin


Isam Faik

Assistant Professor
Nicole Haggerty 03

Nicole Haggerty

Associate Professor

Chris Higgins

Professor Emeritus
Li Ting Bio 500 X 680

Ting Li

Assistant Professor

Derrick J. Neufeld

Associate Professor
Osinde, Lameck(BIO) 500X600

Lameck Osinde

Lecturer (part-time)
Yasser Rahrovani 500X680

Yasser Rahrovani

Associate Professor

Warren Ritchie

Assistant Professor
Sariffodeen, Melissa

Melissa Sariffodeen

Lecturer (part-time)

Ning Su

Associate Professor

Yi (Zoe) Zou

Assistant Professor

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